Synth Sampler not working right

Hey everyone!

I just got an op-1 on reverb and am still trying to get my footing. I went through some tutorials for sampling and have hit a wall. When I click the drum engine, pick 1-8, and hit the mic button in the top corner, it takes me to the sample menu with the “press any key” option. When I go to the synth engine, pick 1-8, and hit the mic button, a circle appears for the mic or a purple X on the display. Only after hitting shift+mic do I get the sample menu but not “press any key.” Then, in that menu, I can hold shift+key and it says it is recording… it takes a minute to complete and then nothing happens.

How do I fix this?

u may need to select a synth sampler preset or the synth sampler engine first?
there are lots of synth engines, most are actual synthesis engines plus one sampler engine.
whereas the drum is mainly just hte sampler engine plus dbox