Synth shops in Berlin?

So i’m planning a little trip to Berlin to visit BRMC concert there and also wanted to get some gear. Planning to visit Koma Electronic’s shop (Common Ground, i think?) but wanted to get some tips on other shops. I’m looking for something like Koma, Bastl and similar to buy in Berlin - i.e. experimental stuff. Thanks in advance!

upd: I would also like to checkout some interesting effect pedas. Maybe there’s a shop for this?

Check out

Bump. Still like to hear more option if possible

Just Music U-Bahnhof Moritzplatz U8. Was there 2h ago. 1 million synthesizers, matrix brute, tons of Modular, abyss, vermona 14, etc etc etc. It’s kind of commercial but very nice and impressive. Also any other musical instruments… Maybe not so much underground boutique stuff but I saw Bastl modular
Whatever, Definitely worth it!
Schneider is not far from there.
Also a small one with used gear on Oranienstr. close by the So 36 venue not far from Schneider and JM either.

On Schönhauser Allee between U-Eberswalder Straße and U- Senefelder Platz (U2) is a little shop with used stuff. Not very recognizable but there’s a minimoog picture hanging outside.

Thanks. Going thru these shops now :slight_smile:

In the end got myself 0-coast @ Schneider’s (as planned, basically) and also managed to refund 60 euros of taxes in the airport. So I consider this quest a success.

Thanks, guys

So… A good ride home with your new synthesizer then!