Synthesizing vocal sounds


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First time poster here on the forums; I’ve benefitted a lot from the knowledge and experience of the community here so I wanted to open with a thank-you. I have been the proud owner of an op-1 for a few months now and am still loving this piece of kit. I am primarily a filmmaker and video editor, but the op-1 has opened a whole new world to me, becoming a fixture in my workflow and drawing out my inner frustrated musician. But anyway, to the point of this thread…

As brilliant as the sampling capabilities of the op-1 are, I am interested here in its capacity for synthesising its own vocal sounds, such as ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ or choir-like effects.

Is this something folks here have experimented with? If so, which synth engines have you use and how successful were you? Any other techniques?
Please share your recordings if you’d simply like to show off what you’ve managed to do!



You couldn’t have timed that better! See the latest battle! :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh you mean making ooos and ahhs with the OP-1 synths? Ummm… Not tried that. Will have a go and see if I can come up with anything. You could always try looking through the site to find something?

A happy mistake, I forgot to look into what the latest battle might be. Looks like it will be a laugh.

Thanks for that link, looks like a great resource!