Synths record @ slightly higher level than when not recording

I’m getting familiarized w/ the Field. I’m well acquainted w/ the OG, and I’m pretty certain I’ve run into this before. Hopefully someone has some insight.

Amongst several synths (The new Dimension included), my playing will be @ one volume when playing w/ the tape stopped or playing, but when recording the volume of that synth jumps up noticeably. Got nothing to do w/ the recording level, as that affects it in both record / play modes.

It make little sense that it would have to do w/ effects or drive, because those things don’t change depending upon recording status.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It definitely seems to happen on the “degraded” tape modes (vintage and porta) and not on the “studio” (highest quality) tape. Maybe some baked in simulation aspect? Odd.

i’ve noticed this as well. seems like it’s full volume while on the synth parameter pages, then whatever your currently selected tracks volume is set to when viewing the tape and mixer pages.

i can’t recall if the og-1 acted the same way or not.

I have been trying to solve this on my OG-1, personally.

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The OG OP-1 always had this behavior…again depending on how you look at it, it could be a bug…i’ve always used it as a feature in that when i got my 4 tape tracks mixed the right way, staying on the synth (or drum) page gave me not only the ability to tweak the parameters, LFO, pitchbend, etc, but also a nice little volume boost for live synth playing as i recorded tape tracks to the album…

My $0.02…

are yall talking about the orange volume knob on the tape screen?

Regardless of that knob’s position, the synth volume is louder when record is active, vs. just playback (or stopped tape).

here’s a demonstration :cowboy_hat_face:

Sure, but then, the volume on the tape screen should be the same when recording as when not recording. It isn’t.

i am not seeing that one here. on the tape screen my volume remains the same regardless of recording state.

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As I say, it didn’t happen in “Studio 4-Track” mode. Just vintage and porta. Haven’t tested DiscMini

ah, apologies i didn’t see your edit above. it is happening on the other modes, as you say. though, i think it is normal behavior. engaging record adds the various tape modes dsp to the signal.

Studio 4-Track is the “clean” mode, everything else has processing that kicks in when you engage record.

I think that’s exactly it. Easily adjusted in the mixer. I always keep my track levels @ 80.