Synthstrom deluge current OS.. Any users?

Kind of stopped paying attention to this box but curious to hear if anyone’s using one and how they’re finding it? The lack of screen info and having only a few knobs put me off originally. Wondering how bad/good it is in actual use?

A lot of functionality crammed in for the ££ and always seemed interesting/a little different. General workflow concerns me though…

Also curious about stuff like Fx quality, general stability (internal and external), timestrech quality etc…

I don’t have experience with a lot of the technical things you mention, but I did want to say that I’ve had it since launch, it’s my core machine (sometimes my only machine) and it’s fantastic.

The workflow is the strongest aspect of the Deluge. I was able to make a simple song immediately when I first got it without even reading the manual. It’s the most intuitive synth I’ve used.

The lack of screen is probably the biggest problem, but it does just fine without it. The only other notable problem that I’ve heard people mention is that the synth is kind of weak.

Otherwise, the company is very active on social media and have already patched in several new features with no signs of stopping. These guys put TE to shame on the updates front; They even set up their forums to allow people to upvote requested features, in order to push out the most wanted ones first. Device stability is excellent, I very rarely have any trouble and that’s again thanks to social media, where people are encouraged to send the creator any bugs they encounter so they can be patched out ASAP.

All in all, every device is only as strong as how you take advantage of it, so you never know with an instrument if it will work for you personally, but the Deluge is definitely worth a try.

Thanks for insights. I’ve got a soft spot for the deluge but never used one and the ui looks quite love/hate. Would love to check one out first hand… Nearly pressed ‘buy’ a few times… Have a feeling it’ll happen eventually. If not then definitely on his next box…