System 16 no MIDI

Everything works just fine except I can’t get any midi out from it. Has anyone had a positive experience?

Works fine here. Did a quick test with mini jack to MIDI din adapter cable going into volca keys.

All 4 tracks T1 - TK are mapped to channels 1 - 4.

You are probably sending only a sequence on the keyboard track TK which is sending on MIDI channel 4 but your receiving instrument is listening on channel 1.

Select T1 by pressing [ trk ] + [ 1 ] to program a sequence on channel 1.

Sadly, I’m sending all the right stuff. Confirmed by plugging CV into my modular. The jack to din converters work fine too with other devices (3 of them). Either I’m missing something or it’s broken :confused: which would be strange 'cause it’s some very selective defect then.

Does the jack to din converter come with the unit?
It is just that there are two different type of jack to midi and if you’re using one from another bit of kit it might be the wrong type

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Thanks everyone. I’ve done some research and it’s a jack to din adapter indeed! I have to get a new one.

could you share the research you did? i need to pick up an adapter as well and don’t want to get the wrong one!

It’s not much but here it goes.

That’s what System 16 needs (from the manual):
Jack tip to pin #5
Jack ring to pin #4
Jack sleeve (earth/ground) to DIN pin #2

That’s what I have (the adapters for Arturia Beatstep Pro and Ericasynth Drum Sequencer):
Jack tip to pin #4
Jack ring to pin #5
Jack sleeve (earth/ground) to DIN pin #2

I’m not sure how to make sure the adapter is the right one except plugging it into the sequencer. Well, soldering is another way. Guess, I have to do it.

Extracurricular reading:

awhile back i found a person selling the 2 different types of adapters on eBay

if i am remembering correctly the other type is for korg things

Think that’s it @Nek, Korg should work Novation/Arturia won’t work.

From your link the Type A which seems to be a naming convention that has stuck. In UK something like this from amazon

(I’d the same prob with the op-z oplab when I was trying to use adapters from a novation circuit with no luck)

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With oplab in op z i use the korg one(sq-1).

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