System 1m

Yo - been playing around with the System 1m I got recently (haven’t connected it to PC yet) but I have a wee question for those that bouhgt it new. I pressed the plug out button and it flicked to another synth engine. Does it come with one built in if you haven’t bought one or have I picked up someone’s plug out with this purchase? And if I hook it up to the PC to register will I lose it (whatever one it is!).

I bought mine at a bargainlicious price from the 'bay. So info was a bit limited.

What you mean flicked to another engine? Theoretically if the previous owner added a plug out synth too it it should still be there, whatever it was they added/edited…

Yeah, that’s what I meant. He didn’t mention it when I bought it, but it’s definitely a different engine. Just don’t know if I’ll lose it if I try to add the synth to my Roland account.

Hello @steveoath
How are you doing buddy? I hope you and your new toy have become well acquainted.
It is a plugout. You can do some trouble shooting to find out which one it is exactly. Just check out the software buttons that correspond to the buttons on your synth using the manual for reference/by watching YouTube videos on the plugouts. You’ll need to enter in a code once you get your soft synth to get it to work. It searches for the legitimacy of the plugout every time you load up your DAW.
Of course, you don’t have the code. I think it will just stay put in your System 1m whatever the weather but you may face complications should an update come along. IMO it’s not worth the hassle and the plugouts are worth the money. Before anything, I would fire the guy a chirpy message and hope for the best!
Good luck!

Out of the 12, what are your best waveforms?

Thanks for that, I’ll fire a wee email to the guy and ask for the plugout code. Whatever the plugout is, it sounds amazing.

I’m nowhere near as well acquainted as I want to be. I’ll need to have a bit more time with it to get to know the waveforms!

So it turns out it has the sh101 plug out. The guy’s using the soft synth, but decided to keep the plug out installed rather than reset it.

So I may end up buying it, is the one i wanted to try anyway, and having played with it, I really love the sound of it.

Be carefull then with updates and system resets as they will clear the plugout and you won’t be able to get it back.