System folders - Installing packs / patches

Hey guys, new OP-1 field owner here.
I was wondering if anyone could provide some clarity on the process of installing packs / patches / samples onto the OP1F, and what the differences are between each of these terms, or are they synonymous?

And what’s the deal with the User and Slots folders?

I’ve seen instructions saying to load patch folders into there but every time I try nothing happens…

  • Thanks!

congrats on the new op1f. its a wonderful device and it will imbue your life with new music :smiley:

slots are simply the assignment of existing sounds to the presets 1-8 on the device. don’t mess with that folder externally, simply use your op1f to navigate your sounds and assign them through using your op1f, i.e. not extternally on your computer.

user is a generic folder that TE created just to provide an example of a new folder. you can create any folder with any name there and the user folder can be removed if you dont want to put any saved sounds inside a user folder.

samples are one piece of audio
a pack is a set of patches
a patch is a subcategory of sample in a way in that it refers to a sound which is formatted/intended for use in a device engine like the op1f sampler engine.

your screenshot looks good to me. you have some nice sound packs installed btw, soundghost retro and float are my favs FWIW.

now that you have those folders created in there, just use your op1f and navigate through your sounds and assign them to your slots 1-8.

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Thank you for that! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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absolutely. anytime. also at some point id be curious to hear you expound on how you find the woodland sg sound pack. ive been wondering what its like.