Table/desk for synths, mixers, etc.

Long story short, I’m looking for a desk or table that can hold a bunch of my smaller gear.

Op1, pocket operators, elekton rytm, minitaur, midi controller, kaoss pad, some pedals. All the odds and ends, synced and running through a mixer. A sort of auxiliary gear station for the studio.

Looking for something not too pricey, decent height for playability, and of course, sturdy. Not against building something either.

Any suggestions?


i use a life time table. you know those shitty ones people always bring to partys etc… Mine isnt the folding kind but the legs are extendable. Im tall so that really benefits me. its only 4 feet wide so not very big but it just large enough to house all my modular gear(the main part of which is standing) i usually stand while using it.

so just from a height perspective I really like the adjustable legs on my table…

I think it was 35$ at the time.

alternatively my Guitar pedals are on a piece of long wood ontop of a piano stand(which is also adjustable…)

I use a LILLÅSEN desk from ikea… has little drawers for cables - will soon be able to see if OP1 fits in drawer

I’m thinking about the blipcase with my projector stand table. They both have carry handles and it seems robust. I’ll do some road/stage tests in the next few months hopefully. The table is not cheap but its handy and super sturdy. Also adjustable for outdoors/off level surface.

Screw-leg table