Talking Heads cover on tiny instruments

Hi all, long time lurker here. Here’s a cover I did with my music buddy. Using the OP-1 as a looper along with a Volca Keys and Pocket Piano.

PS. Does anyone know how to avoid the little glitch that happens when you switch the active track? You can hear it really clearly around 4:13 in the video. It’s been driving me nuts ever since I got my OP-1…

Really fun arrangement, good skills guys :slight_smile:

Is the glitch you’re talking about when you press a track button and there’s a tiny glitch where all the other tracks mute temporarily? If so, I don’t know if it’s possible to completely eliminate any cut in the sound as pressing one (or more) of those track buttons solos the selection. I guess trying to press it as quickly as possible might be the best way forward.


Wow I never noticed it was actually soloing when you press the track button. That really explains it… I guess another alternative is, you could hold it down for a full beat / half beat and make a little effect when switching tracks.

Yes exactly. Actually, whenever I switch off recording, I do it in time with the beat in case it leaves an unwanted artefact that I can hide with a drum one shot or something :wink:


What’s funny is, before I clicked the link, I knew it would be Naïve Melody. One of my favorites.

I love that Worrell slide.

ive seen him jam with a number of bands. the dude brings the FUNK! also he makes me want a moog really badly!

With practice you can press the track you want to select a fraction after the other three and you don’t hear any muting at all.

Cool performance btw, the dancing was particularly cool.

@ghostly606 Brilliant! Thank you!

Great jam :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming!

Nice performance!