Tape divisions?

I want to lay out multiple tracks on a DAW to load into a tape and I’m wondering if there’s a way to lay them out so they will have breaks in them that are reflected graphically on the OP-1 screen. Has anyone done this or know how to do? I haven’t experimented yet, but thought I would take a shortcut and ask here first!

i think u would have to figure out what extra information is saved in the .aif tape files and mimic that. not even sure if thats possible

A while back I did a bit of analysis of the data in the aifs. I was writing some code that would be able to read and write aifs for the op-1 for a couple of utilities I was thinking about. I think it would be possible for some code to insert breaks at specific positions on the tape aifs, but integrating that code into a DAW would be challenging I guess.