Tape markers

Sent this suggestion to TE and maybe something that has already been suggested on here. But would love tape markers…

Possible button configuration -
Push blue encoder + 1-8 to drop a marker at the current point on tape. Repeat to delete the related number marker.
8 markers available.
During playback press Tape + 1-8 to cue that marker point on Timeline to play after current loop. (or go there instantly if loop isn’t activated. If cpu would allow that to be a smooth option).
When tape is stopped the same action just moves you to that point.

Would make live jamming and scrolling through the tape way more convenient etc…

Right now, the user-interface of the OP-1 is very consistent (only shift as a modifier and the encoders change controls of the same color on the screen) and your solution would be a massive violation of that concept…

So while that functionality would be very nice, I don’t think it should be implemented that way.
Right now, the user-interface of the OP-1 is very consistent (only shift as a modifier and the encoders change controls of the same color on the screen) and your solution would be a massive violation of that concept...

So while that functionality would be very nice, I don't think it should be implemented that way.

I know what you’re saying but you wouldn’t have to even know the function was there. I don’t see the problem with there being potential for deeper functions if there are currently unused button combinations etc and something would be possible to implement and useful to those users happy to dig under the hood etc.

I think the color coding thing is nice and agree it should be kept tidy as possible in that sense. But although there is a ton of depth to OP in many ways it’s also pretty shallow in others and not a lot of knob/button>functions to remember either way. My suggestion of green knob press + 1-8 was just first thing that came to mind. If that would cause some people problems with the UI then ‘tape + 1-8’ (if that doesn’t do something already?) or something else would work just as well, keep the color coding intact and not confuse 99% of people?

Agree with @po1 .
I think its more complicated than peoples mind and more to do with OP1s code. Tape is modified with shift. 1-8 are modified. What happens when we press shift+tape+1-8 ? We are modifying a modifier .It may not work for the design of algo’s. I’m not an expert,this is a gut instinct.

Wouldn’t just ‘tape + 1-8’ be an option? No need to use shift in this case? Was just an idea anyway :wink: I use markers constantly in DAW work. Super helpful in their most simple form like that and when you start to think about being to jump between 8 sections of tape that fast on OP it could be cool for live jam stuff.

Yes it would deffo be cool and super useful.

Tape markers/cue points would be tremendously helpful!!!

Regarding keys to implement, here’s a thought process (methodical madness):

- as @Callofthevoid suggested, Blue Encoder press (BEp) to set, (SHIFT + (BEp)) to release
- maybe turning the (BE) while it is depressed (BEpT) could be used to chronologically navigate through the markers
- one conceivable issue, the initial (BEp) might make a new marker before the user starts turning
- solution: (BEp) then release sets marker (BEpR)

Issue: markers can only be navigated in linear chronological order, no way to jump to any chosen marker at will
- possible solution: limit number of markers that can be set to 4, one for each encoder
- ISSUES!!!: eats up all unused encoder potential for future updates, not clearly intuitive since BLUE is already associated with tape location/direction, would open potential for accidental loop length/tape speed/track volume changes using the other 3 encoders
- other possible solution: associate tape markers with (SHIFT) + note keys when on TAPE screen
EXAMPLES: (SHIFT + A note) = Marker 1, (SHIFT + B note) = Marker 2, (SHIFT + C note) = Marker 3,etc.
- potential issue: (SHIFT) + (<) or (>) currently controls Pitch Bend when playing notes in TAPE screen

- make TAPE MARKERS as another SEQUENCER mode!?!?!?!?!?
  • FINGER already proves that a sequencer mode can override the normal behavior of the keyboard
  • in this mode the normal functionality of (SHIFT) + (1-8) could be voided, allowing for those keys to be associated with up to 8 tape markers
  • Why stop at 8!?!?!? Why use (SHIFT)!?!? make notes the triggers so all of the white keys could be associated with a marker the same way that they’re associated with patterns in FINGER mode
  • the tape markers could be made only visible and functional while in this new sequencer mode

Just some thoughts, little coffee talk, no big whoop.

Adding to my earlier thoughts:
- I really don’t use SKETCH at all, would trade SKETCH for TAPE MARKERS in a heartbeat if it was an either or scenario.
- FINGER can effectively do what PATTERN does except for allowing notes to be played on the keyboard while the sequence plays (I also rarely use PATTERN mode, never use when live jamming), but I would still hesitate to trade off PATTERN for TAPE MARKERS

I know it may not be a this or that scenario, but my mind works that way about lots of decisions.

The more I think about TAPE MARKERS the more I want them!
Not sure how most people use the tape, but I like making anywhere from 2 to 5 different looping sections per tape and use creative mute/unmute + tape tricks to perform them and record to VINYL. That gives me a good 10 - 20 minutes of live performance material per tape, meaning I can perform that, fade over to another audio source while I load new tape tracks, then fade back and do another quick performance…and on and on and on.

With TAPE MARKERS I could do this without having to meticulously arrange my looping clips on the tape to prevent silence/odd transitions between loops. I could set a marker at the beginning of each loop and jump to that point quickly. This could also possibly free up a bit of the blank space needed on the tape to manipulate and edit clips during this process (can’t clearly explain this, hopefully it’s not too poorly worded to interpret or visualize).

Another thought on how to implement controls…
Could TAPE MARKERS somehow be another DRUM SAMPLER preset? Where each note key could be assigned to a point on the tape through the DRUM edit screen?

This thought seems more farfetched to me, but if implemented would make live performance AMAZING!!!

Yeah sketch is terrible, I would be happy to see it go

Yeah sketch is terrible, I would be happy to see it go

Can’t really see TE removing existing features to make space for new ones. That kind of option would be cool as an online catalog for something like OP tho. Like a whole bunch of features and sequencers etc that people could mix and match til they hit CPU/Memory limit. Kinda like Organelle but idiot proof for people like me :wink:
I imagine OS troubleshooting/compatibility between all available functions + ‘modules’ etc on something fluid like that would potentially be a total nightmare tho…

Was toying with OP-1, and yeah. +1 to tape markers. WOuld allow to split tape into at least 8 (shitf+num) cue points to know where your tracks start\end. As a DJ and really familiar with traktor software, cue points feel really necessary.

I never use sketch myself but am aware it has its uses, eg detuning (for resampling) and drones.

@ghostly yeah I like sketch for messy random loop stuff with resampled tape dropped in to a drumkit. Spits out some cool weirdness. Haven’t tried drawing my own paths in it yet but the marx drawing works great for this…

If Tape Markers could be achieved through a Sequencer mode (like Finger) then just imagine how useful 14 cue points (white keys) could be…

Or if Tape Markers could be edited through a Drum Sampler preset…24 cue points!

Cue points on the Vinyl would be cool too, or even just the ability to use the same transport controls as Tape (FF/RW/Break).

Sketch is love for me. All those quirky seq’s (I’ve just sat in library for hours ,lurkin on wifi and floating along to Tombola).

But how about encoder pressing for tape markers. Shift&Press colour to set. Press to locate .?

Btw @3sleeves love your brain stormin stream of consciousness.

Tape markers would be amazing.