Tape Mode Beginner School

Hello forum,

I just joined today. My name is Chris and I have bought my second OP1. I sold my first one three years ago and massively regretted it and so I have re-purchased for a more considered try. Despite having a sound art phd, I find certain tasks difficult.

I have slight cognitive health problems so I need things explaining very slowly. So far I know how to select all the synth engines, add fx or not, tweak and basic sample.

What I need help with is the heart of the machine, the tape mode and I need to know if anyone knows any good video guides that are extremely basic or slow!

I can work out how to record on 4 tracks

What I am having trouble with are a number of things:

  1. If I record a take on track one which I like, then add track two but if track two is poor, is there a track undo - I have heard tape mode has no undo - is this true?

  2. I any tips on lifting tape and pasting and just the basics of song cut and paste

Big asks - I find video the best for me.



  1. if u dont like a take u simply just lift it and it will remove.

lift and drop is kinda like a simple undo.
when u lift a tape track it saves it in memory and u can drop it as many times as u want.
like a cut and paste function.

so if u lift a tape track and then drop it back into the same place before u record over it.
u can always go back to what u originally had by dropping the tape again over your poor take.

also i find the best way to master the tape is just by using it. like a ton.
this way u can go at your own pace
mess around and try things out for yourself
get that muscle memory mojo workin!

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Thankyou! much appreciated!

I will try tonight.