Tape speed vs BMP/tempo/metronome

Hey operators!

Picked up an op-1 about a month or so ago and have enjoyed it as a super mobile creativity companion! Thanks to everyone on here posting tips, tricks and answers about this little guy.

I do have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer to - Can someone confirm that, or explain why, the metronome slows down when I set the tape speed slower even with “Beat Match” Off (in Free Mode)?

I would expect it to do that when Beat Match is on, but with it in Free Mode the metronome still slows down as the tape speed is lowered… at least on my unit. If this isn’t supposed to happen I guess I’ll try reinstalling the OS.

Thanks for any help!

I noticed recently when I was doing something with a slower tape speed the BPM lowers along with it, I imagine it’s so that if you’re using it to play something complex to speed back up later you can keep it in sync.

It’s too bad that it does this in “Free” mode

Thanks for confirming! I thought it was odd as well. Not really a problem though, as I can just tap in a reasonably in-time beat to work with first.

I double checked, even if you use the green knob to unlink BPM and tape speed, BPM stays the same but the metronome slows down.

It’s really odd - why would they implement that? Even if you record something at a slow tape speed for accuracy it pitches up when you speed up the tape… Just kind of bizarre IMO…

Thank you for confirming, at least I know I’m not alone, haha.

I could also just be completely wrong because you have a very valid point. Maybe it’s a bug no one’s caught until now?

Slightly related… I found that if the tape “head” is all the way at the end of the tape (as in 06:00:00 - no time left on the tape) then the metronome on my OP-1 would play very SLOWLY. When I reset the tape head back to the start of the tape, then the metronome would work as expected.

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this should be addressed!

I’ve never used the idea of a slow tape and normal metronome but this should be an option when in free mode.