Tape Tracks Out of Sync in DAW

I’ve had the OP-1 for a while and am perplexed about the tape tracks import. Every time I’ve imported the tracks into my DAW (Ableton, Warp=off or Logic), the tracks are totally out of sync and not easily lined up–each beat/idea is out of sync in a different way. I change bpm occasionally as I fill up the tape–synced to tape mode.

So frustrated! Support requests have gone unanswered as of yet and couldn’t find info via googling… Any thoughts?

Are you sure warping is off? I had the same ‘issue’ and switching warp off did the job for me.

I used to import the tape tracks a lot but I’ve never had this problem. I also change bpm a lot. I haven’t done imported tape since the last OS update, and probably not since the one before it.

Is there anything you do with them before importing into your DAW? If they’re offset by different amounts I think something must be pulling some shenanigans with the silence and getting it wrong. I guess the OP-1 could do this while it’s exporting the file but it seems unlikely… tho who knows what they do when prepping things for mass storage.

Sometime the starting point of the file may not be the true starting point even with warp off, zoom in and check the it’s at the true beginning of the file.
Also you could test it by recording a click at the beginning of all 4 tape tracks and making sure they all line up once imported to you daw. The shorter the click the better.
Good luck!

Thanks for the replies! Yeah, warping is off and I just copy the tracks directly from op-1 disk mode to my HD, then drop into a session. I make sure to start each track at it’s true start point. The first beat might be ok but then everything following is off. Will test with a click and report back…

This never happens to me with Studio One.

I know you’ve said you’re sure Warping is off. Did you uncheck “automatic warping of long samples” or something else? I want to say there are two different ways of turning Live’s warping off depending on file size/length but it’s been a while since Live and I were roll dogs.

Never had any problems with this either, but I only use Audacity. Try exporting into something else, like Audacity (free and multi platform, and very handy to have)