Tascam 246 troubleshoot

Hey, just got a Tascam 246 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Everything seems to works fine however there is a consistent clicking as the tape spins around coming from the cassette compartment during playback. It’s also started to eat tape, it records and sounds great just annoying because it destroys all the cassettes. I’ve cleaned everything and tried multiple different new cassettes. Any advice? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.

damn, that’s frustrating.

i saw a kid riding one of those new penny skate board the other day. he hit a small crack and came flying off. i said “there’s a reason we stopped riding those things 40 years ago.”

so…the same with the cheap tape decks. that’s what they do – eat tapes. if you’ve cleaned everything and it’s still eating tapes then it may be worn parts – the capstan, roller bits.
i suppose you could try replacing the rubber bands driving the capstans etc. no idea if that would help, but it’s easy to do.