TE customer service

Hi people,

I just wanted to share my experience with the TE customer service and want to know how you feel about it.
As an example I will share one of my e-mails to them and their response to it.

my mail:


_first of all i want to say CONGRATULATIONS for making a great synth like the OP-Z. _
i think it is a success!

now to my questions:
i purchased an op-z from thomann right when it came out so it is one from the first batch.
i encountered a “problem” with the buttons double-triggering, if they aren’t pushed down hard enough.

on the operator-1.com forum i read that other people had the same problem and returned their units for this reason to get an OP-Z of the new batch with the new print on it in exchange.

now my question is, have the buttons really been changed on the new batch? and have there been any other hardware changes in the newer batch?

_i would like to know, because if the buttons have been changed on the new batch i would like to return my unit to get one with improved buttons. _
but if they haven’t been changed at all and i would just get the same unit with different printed labels i would reconsider, if i really want to send my beloved OP-Z off.

so if you if you could give me some clarity on what changes have been made to the newer units i would really appreciate it as it would help me in making a decision.


…after waiting for 5 weeks…this is their response:


Thanks for the e-mail. Sorry for the delay!

We have a 1-year warranty on all of our products. So if you purchased the unit directly from us and are able to provide us with a receipt and a video showcasing the issue that you are having we can send you a replacement unit.

If you purchased the unit from a retailer, then contact them first hand.


teenage engineering support

So as you can see, it takes them 5 weeks to answer to a question I didn’t even ask.
I can understand people saying they are a small company and don’t have the resources and so on.
But If they take this long to answer, they could at least answer the questions that I asked, not the ones I didn’t ask.

I think it’s ridiculous to think the customer would be satisfied with an answer like this and to believe this is acceptable. If they want to pretend be a nice little company they shouldn’t behave like a big faceless corporation who doesn’t give a … about their customers.

Just my 2 cents…
What do you guys think?

I think they should hire someone dedicated for support.


agreed…by now they have enough money for it. Unless they spent it all on Lambos

Yeah that’s a bit ridiculous. I don’t understand their issue with responding to customers.

I have the same issue with my OP-Z. I reported it three weeks ago and still no reply from support.

However your case is an indication of a common hardware issue with OP-Z and I should return my device to retailer.

I wonder if anybody here has tested both the first and the second batch units?

If the second batch doesn’t double trigger I would return my unit immediately

Yeah, it seems to be like gambling :slight_smile: But don’t stay in off-topic here. The suspicious hardware issue is a thing, but this topic is about TE’s poor support.

I have a uniy from the second batch and it haüpens from time to time.

you could call them, I got an answer straight away

thanks for the tip…I’ll have a look, if they got a hotline for Japan.

I shall report my experience back to this thread.

It’s either hit or miss with their email support. Sometimes they reply within a few days but usually its several weeks. Also I think there should be a new topic on the double trig issue to keep track of what’s going on. I had to get a replacement unit and it seems better but occasionally it still happens. Overtime I would like to see if there are any differences between older and newer units.

Better try to contact Thomann and see if they would change your unit with a new one.

TE’s customer service it’s notoriously bad.

The problem is that I don’t want to send off my unit if the second batch has the same type of buttons…
Otherwise I agree.

I also contacted TE customer service twice in my history with TE. Once because of a bad OP-1 unit when it was released and they told me pretty much the same than to HOLY (in short : we don’t care if you didn’t buy it from us).
I changed the unit for another product (not TE) with the resaler because I was pissed of TE’s behaviour.

Then second time with OP-Z eject issue on windows. They took 6 weeks to reply me to tell me that new version fixed it. Which is the case luckily.

Overall I can understand the small size brings delays in answers but with their commercial success they should hire someone definitely. More than a month to answer support questions… really not working!

Until now I didnt had any problems with my TE products. If you bought your unit from a reseller, than it would be the best way to contact them first and not TE. The resellers have other contacts to companys like TE and I would say the have some sort of power. And some of the resellers offer you an extended warranty. for my op-z I have 3 years warranty and not the regular 1 year warranty. And the price was the same.


Hi guys I thought I would update you on the customer service…I encourage everyone to be persistent with them!
(The second time I was very stern with them. As I hate to be brushed off by customer service and had the same thing going with apple at the time.)
After the exchange from my first post, this is what I wrote:


First of all, you didn’t answer my question at all. (I didn’t want to know, if you offer a 1-year warranty)

Did you even read my e-mail?

I would like to know if this button double-trigger issue is fixed in the second batch of OP-Z, or if the same buttons are used.

Answering that question would not have taken you any longer than writing me this generic non-answer.

Since the people at Thomann probably don’t know, if you changed the buttons in the second production run I thought I would ask you directly to get a proper answer.

I guess I was wrong in doing so.

I hope this time you will actually read my e-mail before you answer it.

If you really brush your customers off with an answer like that…at least don’t take 5 weeks to do it.

This was their answer:


Thanks for your message and sorry for the trouble.
No, the buttons are not supposed to double trig. Have you tried to perform a factory reset? Are the unit running the latest firmware?
Is it possible for you to send us a video showcasing the issue?


As you can see…again my question was completely ignored and I got an answer to a question I didn’t ask.
Anyway… I tried to reply as nicely as possible like this:


I have performed a factory reset and I am on the latest OS and made a video, as you requested.

The video shows the double triggering behaviour mentioned on two different buttons. It happens on more of them, but I think two is enough to get the picture.

Sorry for the background noise, but I have some aquariums running in this room.

I will ask again just to clarify. Maybe this time you can actually answer my question:


(If you have problems understanding this question, please let me know. I am more than willing to explain in detail.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully and taking my concern seriously.

Kind regards,

Am I just too fussy in expecting to get an answer to that question, or what do you guys think?
Are they trying to be secretive about their product or just mentally challenged?
Thanks for letting me vent here :slight_smile:

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I got the very same questions from support to my report about the same issue with the buttons :smiley: I had to wait more than three weeks for their feedback.

haha…instead of giving some clear answer they are messing us about.
Let me know, what their next answer is…if you get one :slight_smile:

They don’t like to disclose any information especially when it come to production and changes.