TE designed... a camera

This is rad. I saw an article about the new Impossible Project instant camera the other day, but had no idea Teenage Engineering had a hand in it…


They made a cheap disposable camera for ikea. never found one stateside. I love TE crap.

I forgot about that! I wanted one too.

Coming May 10th: https://eu.impossible-project.com/

I wish they would sell the Teenage Engineering record player.

Any updates on this? TE isn’t good with updates. Same goes for the OP-Z.

This will make a great gift for my wife as she starts grad school for her MFA at the end of the summer.

Now selling for 299 EUR! A bit expensive for my taste. https://eu.impossible-project.com/pages/impossible-i-1-analog-instant-camera

The film cost is what would deter me. $20 for eight shots. :frowning:

Yeah snap (no pun intended ;). £20 for 8 shots is insane. Looks cool apart from that.

Yah… If I were to buy an instant camera, it’d either be the cheap Fuji Instax Wide or the Lomo Instant Wide. http://microsites.lomography.com/lomo-instant-wide-camera/

Both use Fuji Instax Wide film, which is like 10 shots for 10 euros, or cheaper.

Some years back I used to be partners in a camera shop. One day a guy brought his Polaroid back complaining about how every picture he took was all black except for a white spot of light. I’m sure you’ve guessed what he was doing, as did I. I asked him to take a shot in the shot, and sure enough the pillock had the camera reversed. To his credit he did think the flash going off in his face was a little strange! Anyhoo, those cameras were £40 and pack of ten cells were £10. Not many hipsters in them days hoho.

If it was ALSO a digital camera that would make it worth the money, but I don’t think it is…is it?

I just got mine It has bluetooth not sure what for yet…

^ doesn’t it communicate with an iOS app?

yeah but there is so thing other then the trigger… running into a app down load issue… once resolved, I will update the thread

I got mine today. The app is for a number of functions… Everything from taking a picture via your iPhone app, to having much more detailed manual controls of such things as the shutter speed, as well as more avant garde picture taking techniques like taking pictures of light using your iPhone screen with multiple colors that you can easy change in your phone… That last one sounds strange… I know… But anyone can download the app, assuming you have an iPhone… That way you can see for yourself in more detail.

So far, I’ve taken 3 pictures and botched the first 2. My dad is a photographer and I grew up taking pictures. Being a big TE fan I thought I’d bite the bullet and give this hipster picture thing a try. With each picture costing over $2 a pop, it definitely makes you plan out your scene more. I think using more natural light (I tried three shots tonight) as well as more practice, will yield some better results. :slight_smile:

Would love some samples, @Yogi108 !

With the old polaroid system you could flip the picture over and while it was developing you’d firmly rub on the cell to gain some pretty trippy effects. Very hit or miss though. Maybe this new system works in a similar way. I’m sure your Dad knows what I’m saying.

Here’s a double exposure I did this morning with my girlfriend :slight_smile:

Here’s a double exposure I did this morning with my girlfriend :slight_smile: @josker