TE Developing a new device?

Hi, everyone!!!

Might be overreacting, but does anyone know something about this image that seems a pcb with a new screen/display on it?? Dammmm, hope it’s a new synth hahaha.

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My first post here, so I'm not so sure about if it's in the right category...

Thanks, OP community!!! :D

Maybe it’s the iPad app for OP-Z.

This image is from years ago and has been circulating for a long time. From OP-1 dev I believe. On that note though:



Maybe an iPad with an app for these:



@sammyjams Well spotted! Finally the rest of the new set of PO’s are coming.

I wonder what “commonalities” we will see between any of the PO’s (old and new) and the OP-Z. If there is any overlap, then it could include the use of the iOS device.

i remeber seeing this picture years ago. more likely it shows OP1 development.

Thanks, dudes. Anyways, those are good news, devices from TE are always welcome!! :smiley:

BH took those sites down, I feel like TE leaks are turning into iPhone leaks lol.