TE discussion clip...

Nice video with explanations of the TE approach;


Interestingly, there’s a shot of a bunch of TE things which have been built but may never be produced;

Looks like a black OP-1 in the background!

wow, would like to know more about all the things in this pictures !!

Wow, yes, and look at that mixer thing with the up and down sliders! Please make that TE!

…oh cool, and something with a jog wheel!

yes, looks like they study a lot about controller for our devices, i really hope to see some of those come out

It all looks sooo lovely. :slight_smile:

@DJHombre I’ve just seen the same thing ! The black OP-1 kicks ass !

the opz jog wheel style pot encoders is so brilliant. I love TE designs. i need everything on that table. hopefully with the Opz being screenless and sequencer based. it be nice if they made the opposite. a screen with some new approach to synthesis or sound design like Samplr on Ios. granuar synthesis. some of the things the OP1 sorta touches on.

did anyone catch that PO12 drum case? i need that. @19:48

that was a great video. I really admire TE.

“We’re also not that into being secret about development” lol

Shall we make this a TE behind the scenes thread? Teenage Engineering Part 1 - History and Design Philosophy

Wow the first video makes your realize how visionary the company is. It’s really inspiring to see them try something new just for the sake of trying.

“We shipped 100K of these (POs) so far…”