TE dont hold back and double up the polyphony TOP PRIORITY

i just wanna have double the polyphony, that would be an update that would tranform our ‘scetchbook’ , ‘designers synth’ I care less (almost ) for other tricks all this time the only thing thats missing

as an ELEMENTAL POWER on every aspect of our synth ,on tape overdubs ,on designing counterpoints , etc is the poor (24 ) polyphony. hold your breath and IMAGINE THE SHAPE AND GRAVITY OF SOUNDS with a boosted polyphony .

I think OP-1 polyphony is 6 notes, not 24…

so broke not poor

I get the feeling that the lonely sharq processor inside the OP1 is already pretty red-lined at times (a good thing imo, no point wasting cpu cycles) so the desire for more poly might be rendered moot by that. Honestly though, I’m a little surprised that anyone would feel so strongly about the poly limit.

It is possible that I’m just a little blinded by love though. I mean point at any other synth that I own / have owned / probably will own - and I’d be able to give you a list of preferred upgrades and tweaks as long as my arm… The Operator though, I just can’t find it in me to gripe about anything. I use it every day, it’s my go to device. And even when I stamp some audio over the best thing I ever recorded, or get a random crash - requiring a factory reset - having not saved the best patches I ever made; I just shrug, grin and carry on.

Dayum. That’s after a 2 year affair - gonna have to put a ring on it. (Does TE do those yet?)

HelloOperator things in common

we have the same ring
we have it 2 years
we use it everyday
we use it everywhere
my sensual /physical conclusion is : in this marriage between me and my OP-1 someone needs bigger boobs (and its not me)

+1 @HelloOperator

+1 for Patrick


If you look closely at the clip, you can see the purpose of the strange mating ritual that it depicts. As the human female on heat runs towards the Patrick, he instinctively thrusts her into the air, temporarily distracting her so he can gauge the size of her boobs and as such, her worthiness as a partner. The correct scientific nomenclature for that manoeuvre being “motorboat”.

Praise Lord Osis.

but its evident that if Whitney( EXTRA POLYPHONY) was singing on this ecstatic mating ritual

THE patrick could spare the manoeuvre and act like a real Teen Sexual Engineer

HelloOperator ‘the Patrick’ made my day

Wtf did I just read…

Ahem, anywho. The OP-1 can only run 1 synth at a time, and while long Releases on the envelope can eat through 6 voices pretty quickly, I don’t see it as a huge deal. Hell the OG Nord Lead and the MS-2000 only had four voices and they got by (yeah they’re roughly 15 years senior to the OP-1…).

Tape tracks don’t eat into any sort of polyphony pool. Layer to your heart’s content.

The Blackfin in the OP-1 is not super-powerful. It was likely chosen due to it’s very low power use so we can jam out with our OP-1s for countless hours before needing a charge. I don’t even think it can much more on certain Synth Engines.

I just had three glasses of wine myself and am about to switch to whiskey so I see where thor is coming from :wink:

Unless you bought the OP-1 thinking you could plug your 88-key controller into it and play Debussy with lot of half-pedaling, overdubs on tape should take you well over 24 notes, as KrisM says.

Old dirty bastard… the sailor man tout tout my Debussy

old dirty xXxenakis nows no Blackfin as limit

Word, ain’t no father to his style na-mean? RIP 'ga

Seriously though, one of the most underrated rappers/creatives of all time? That dirty style, mouth full of gravy, that basso, that multi-modulated slave-man vibrato. I’m gonna go pour one out, much love, respect.

i have no words for ol dirty his importance for me as a character as a whole matter and antimatter marked me conciously as a young sailor(that i was) living as a definition of RAW in its most romantic(PURE AND TRUE) dimention. needless to say i stoped listening anything hip hop when he left (NO WAY MAN NO POSERS PLEASE ) ,sold all my collection too.LOVE THE BASTARD

I respect passion a lot :slight_smile:
This has nothing to do with polyphony, and I never seemed to reach OP-1 limit for what I know…
But guys, which albums would you recommend me ? I only have ( and like) 36 chambers…

LyingDalai i am a guy that builded a an all about passion record store in Athens called Sound Core in 2003

providing vinyls/ cds /fanzines/ dvds of only passionate avant intelectual property of highest hights but OF COURSE after 3 years i bankrupted and i even burned my cash machine outside my store and next morning escaped to Paris . So passion is a lietmotiv as far as i am concerned . so please give me and X and Y and i will with pleasure give you some more chambers

I need to pick up Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) myself.

ODB’s solo debut http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_to_the_36_Chambers:_The_Dirty_Version is supposed to be a classic but I need to get that too.

Let’s go there, dear, and talk about some sweet music :slight_smile: