TE Fan Discord Server

Hey guys so I made a discord for the TE fan base! Heymun and Andrew for Small Operations are helping as well! I thought it would be cool to have a little base kind of thing like this forum page we’re people can share presets easily, share their music, and give advice if someone is confused on something. But I also think it could be a lot more as well! It’s open to everyone! https://discord.gg/BMqwYeG

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that’s what this forum is for…


Haven’t seen it posted yet but there is a new TE discord growing over here at: https://discord.gg/BMqwYeG

See you all around!

I would perfer to continue to use the forum, founded and maintained by the community, instead of a proprietary platform made by a for profit company.


Same here :slight_smile:
But anyway, Discord offers to chat which is complementary with this forum, I guess.


and its not facebook! I would rather spend time on discord than on facebook.


I would rather be in a universe where FB does not exist…


Luckily you can use both if you want at no cost! You don’t even have to install the Discord client to disk if you want. In-depth topics on forums and real-time chat with your favorite community members on discord!

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Agreed. Not a fan of discord except for gaming chat.

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Looks like you’ve sparked a bit of discord with your post

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Something something anti social social club.


Mmmm, now that a few days have passed, I feel like it’s splitting the information… and the community.
Don’t you feel so?

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Doesn’t help there are two competing servers up now and I’m currently favoring Samplik Prost’s TE ENG server which isn’t the one I have posted.

For what it’s worth, I joined the discord server and keep forgetting to launch discord and go look. I’m still popping over here once or twice a day to see where the discussions are going.

Not trying to criticize those who see value in discord, just an observation of how I’m using things.