TE garage sale! wtf!?

Popped up on Instagram. Makes me wish I was out there, even just to have a peek!

wth? awesome


!!! <3

Somebody please get pictures of this

i just came. too bad they are on the other side of the pond.

Have seen them do this before. There’s photos of allsorts of prototypes outside their office literally at garage door.

They had some kind of strange bike prototype for sale once.

Would be really cool to see what was on offer.

Looks like they’ve got a good few pairs of the TS-1 boots available (Team Sneaker 1).
These were made by Spalwart and had a little slot on the side to take the TS-4 wireless accelerometer sensor that could plug into the op-lab so you could use your feet to trigger sounds :slight_smile:

They probably sell them for 10 % less…

Come here TE !

@mixrasta lol!!
They should offer the shoes to current oplab owners first :o)