Te manual improvements

In the manual where TE shows the connectivity between the OP-1 and OP-Z there is a cable between the two, one end near the OP-Z is the correct symbol, a usb c bit. However, thanks to my OCD I’ve not been able to disregard that the other end of the cables symbol near the OP-1, shows not the port that the OP-1 has; but instead misleadingly shows a larger usb bit. correct me if im wrong, first I thought ‘‘oh that’s just how they made it look’’ but then I noticed it was the same as the usb into the computer… I get there are a numerous of workarounds, but…who really, really likes workarounds…?{rhetoric} seems, and I hope that TE implements, and maybe they do have already but I haven’t stumbled into it, a link on the website to a proper cable between the two units or designing a cable if it doesn’t exist; and editing the photo to show the proper connection so as not to confuse noobs may be shooting for the stars. either way, cheers. Im so thankful for Teenage engineering and the surrounding family. much love guys! - Jarrid