TE not going to NAMM

Check it out. They are not listed – https://www.namm.org/thenammshow/2018/directory

Probably bad news for OPZ release date. Odd they are not even promoting their new speakers…

Super interesting. I actually got asked from my rep at Sweetwater if I still wanted in on the OP-Z preorder. He wasn’t sure of release date and couldn’t say exact price. But he did speculate around $1000. Not sure if he was just guessing or if they actually have some sort of information saying that the OP-Z is really going to happen. Either way, I bailed on the pre-order. Too much risk especially now that they aren’t on the list for NAMM.

I was just thinking the same – I should maybe bail one preorder for now. I think my SW rep called me too, but I didn’t pick up. Definitely gonna pick one up regardless, but unless they are gonna do a surprise drop for an already obscure synth, it is gonna be 2-6 months at least. I am guessing more like $400-500. They had really stressed they wanted this one cheaper. But the delay has me concered on it all. And bummed! Seen them play live with a bunch of OPZs, OP1s, and POs. It was awesome.

This is such a huge marketing thing – I wonder if they do something different than NAMM. Or perhaps that is the unlikely surprise drop…


Patience, grasshopper.
Fate takes time

Right but why not show off the new speakers?

Or the new POs

Not showing your product at NAMM (unless there is a different thing they do) I guess kinda shows where they think their time is best spent. Unless another shoe drops, it doens’t show a lot of confidence in the product you showed off a bit last year.

Just can’t wait! Q42017!

Probably a good thing, would be a waste of time/resources if their trying to finish the OPZ

Wow, they sure do leave a lot to speculate.

FML… Well, I’ll be back in Stockholm in June… Maybe I’ll bang on their door for us… If I can find their new door…

Remember how long the last OS update took to finally drop? And that was “just” software. Expectation/release management is not TE’s strong suit IMHO

Yeah, I’m happy to wait… It’s just that I’m not happy to wait.

Moog and DSI are also skipping NAMM.

That’s really strange. Maybe they’ve got a target date in mind that they are just behind enough on that skipping NAMM will make the difference.

I do sorta worry about the signal from sweetwater though. Maybe it’s delayed a few quarters. Otoh, that $1k estimate doesn’t track with what TE’s been pushing. Maybe the price went up, but I’m doubting it will be anything like that.

I think NAMM is just more or ess on the way out. Companies can hype on their own and gear is getting so cheap/readily available that anyone can try it now. They don’t need starving online media outlets to hype them anymore.
NAMM seems more for the multitude of pedal and boutique guitar/amp builders these days. The companies that hundreds have to compete for recognition.

mmh, maybe there are not on the official NAMM list but: https://www.teenageengineering.com/ems#events (even if its the EMS topic - TE seems to be around)

nice. hopefully some fuggin’ neeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwssss