TE PO Arcade issue


Got a little question concerning PO Arcade.

It seems that when i connect it to my mixer/soundcard it wont output any sound through them but instead will play as if it’s not connected to anything.
Exact same setup with PO Rhythm works fine.

Do they have different outputs/settings ??

Thanks for the help.

so when u plug a cable into the output it still plays out the speaker?

When i plug a cable into the output the sound plays from the PO, as if nothing was plugged into it.
Which does not happen with my PO Rhythm.
I also tried all the SY modes for the Arcade, still nothing.

ya thats what i meant from the PO speaker

if thats the case, its prolly a wonky output jack

yeah just noticed that some metals in the back are not in a good condition.
Thanks for the replies : )