TE PO project completion

Saw this post on Instagram https://instagram.com/p/2n8_SKq67q/

Many forum members creations on that pic. Tempted to participate, but chocked up this month =(

I don’t understand why they only give people 3 weeks?

Should be 6-8 weeks…


Spot the clothes peg, frog case and arcade buttons, all seen here, well via YouTube first!

hopefully this will mean some epic 3d case designs! please put them on shapeways…thanks!

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:799834 wish i had a 3d printer… kicks dirt.

the website they built for it is atrocious because of that huge pointer :<br>

"today we’re releasing the precise measurements and cad files for the pocket operators on our website"

I could not find anything there… ??

at the bottom of the TE page @punji


Can’t wait to see what all of you smart people come up with!

Really need to finish building my printer… My basic idea is to build all three POs into a single grooveboxy case with breakouts for the 3.5mm jacks and maybe tuck in the guts of a Zoom guitar pedal for more FX

But the time, oh the time…

I hope someone makes a slick panel that fits PO into eurorack with separate 3.5mm signal and sync inputs and outputs…

if you build it…they will give u t-shirts

if you build it…they will give u t-shirts


if you build it....they will give u t-shirts


You will get, you know, EXPOSURE.

Wow…I feel like an ass…totally just posted about the contest. Oppps. And yeah that is a short time frame…and looks like the “serving suggestions” (ideas) were lifted straight from here lol. Hopefully one of you builders will come up with something awesome and I can see it. That would make my day!

the arcade button controller w/ the po12 built in is pretty jazzy


@darenager, I put your mixers to good use this weekend !

Maybe you could show how to use Volcas + POs with these mixers of yours…

I’ll just leave this here https://twitter.com/equalsdesign/status/605364773241425921



it’s beautiful. shame its just a render though. someone needs to make this!

My submission: https://instagram.com/p/3U8ewvP4Kz/