TE response time?

How long does it usually take TE to respond to technical queries? Emailed asking about a replacement keybed on Sunday and not had a response yet, and growing impatient haha!

Asked the same on wednesday and got a response on the same day that i should follow the instructions on ifixit and reinsert the connectors of the keyboard. I already did this but my lift key still didn’t worked. I e-mailed them again on the same day but didn’t get an answer. But now the key works again.

This is the response: Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear about the trouble!

If you want to try to fix this yourself you could start by removing the keys to uncover the screws, lift the keyboard module, remove and reinserting the connectors. To remove the keyboard you only need to remove the keys where the screws are. Once the keyboard is loose you will easily find the right connector. Sometimes this resolves the issue, at least temporary, and a replacement is not needed. Please note: You will void any remaining warranty by doing this.

Here is a description on how to remove the keys:
There will be an updated guide for this eventually however currently this is what is available.

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Here’s a better ifixit guide: