TE shipping

So, all my previous experience with ordering from TE directly was great: the OP-1, accessories, OpLab, etc. everything arrived to US within a week or so. No problems. Until the OpLab case, which I ordered over a month ago… and still no sign of it!
Granted, the shipping cost was $3, which is ridiculously cheap (in retrospect, it was suspiciously cheap), but a month??..
I emailed them, and basically they said “it will turn up”!
OK, I hope so! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the $3 option is the postal service, Which will take longer than the pricier stuff which uses UPS (UPS will hit the United States in about 2 days).

A month is pretty ridiculous, though.

Yes it is ridiculous…

Yeah I was in the same boat as you and took about a month for it to arrive. When I emailed TE I was told that there was a manufacturing delay and that mine would be sent the next day. Sure enough it was but it still took about 2 weeks and it was shipped USPS. It will get there at some point.

Wait Piotr if I recall you bought yours before me (I went by SharpSharries on the previous op-1 forum). I think you were the reason I went ahead and pulled the trigger when the oplab came available again through TE. If so then you should have got that already!

And by oplab I meant the case!

Yes, I remember!
OK, that’s messed up…
Well, we will see how this shakes down: I guess I was conditioned to think it is always fast, by my previously consistent good experience.

Well, it did show up after all! More than a month after order.

seems weird it is not sent UPS. I didn’t know you could ship by mail to the US.

It DID cost only $3… :slight_smile:

My ex shipped me stuff from Sweden pretty regularly using the local post office @dimi3, and my fiance from Australia uses the local post, too. It gets handed off at some point, goes through customs, etc.

Chapter TWO to this story is that the case I received was messed up! The label printing was completely off center in each direction. After emailing TE they admitted that this was not to their QC standards, and that they will send me a correct one… when they get them back in stock. :slight_smile: So they literally said: we will ship it eventually. Will see how long this will take.


"Not up to our QC standards… but… it got out anyway, lol!"

I feel you. I recently ordered some stacked knobs for an electric bass I was installing a new preamp in (4 holes, but I needed 6 controls). The first set arrived from Ibanez and one of them was scorched during manufacturing, so the plating didn’t stick and it looked like hell. I noticed it immediately upon pulling it from the envelope, but it’d still made it into there to send to me.

Ibanez support was good to deal with, and fast, at least. Though I just noticed two nights ago they sent me the wrong knob, so while the same color, the top knob of the replacement is rounded differently lol…

wtf is with that milling job? It looks nothing like the smooth case they show on the site (not that you’d see it…). It’s like it wasn’t secured to the CNC machine or something.

At least you have that one for the mean time. Do they want it back eventually?

They did not say anything about returning this one, just that they will send a free replacement (eventually :slight_smile:

Funny thing is that they actually used the delayed shipping as a reason for the lapse in QC! :slight_smile: So: it took a moth for it to arrive, and BECAUSE it was so late, they rushed the QC and missed this obvious reject.

Anyway, I was thinking that when the new one arrives (eventually) I will post this one up on the board for free for some poor soul… Maybe we could think of some clever way of having this as a giveaway related to the launch of this new forum???

could hold a Special Battle with it as the prize. It’d have to be limited to participants with an Oplab, unless someone can convince you they’re absolutely buying one.

Or just if someone can convince you they deserve it for whatever reason. Starving artist, etc hehe.

Or even offer it to @dimi3 for hosting the site for us

Right, i was thinking about something exactly like that.

I like the battle prize…

I got one so I am good.

Is it common to see the machining bit marks on TE products? I noticed it in the inside of the OP-1 too.

Wow I can’t believe the luck you are having with the case! The machine marks on mine were not as noticeable and you just made me look at the printing since ours probably came from the same batch. At least TE will resolve the issue for you for free, although that may be another month from now!