TE USB midi host + 4 track out?

Wouldn’t it be neat if TE released a little USB-thingamagog for the OP-1 that did midi-hosting + one out per track/channel (4 á 1/4 inches). And perhaps a clock out too.

it would be, but that is basically the OPLAB, minus the individual audio outputs

haha. true. i guess the 4 out would be the dealbreaker for me.

You could get a USB, Clock Out and 2-Audio OUT using a OPlab and a Stereo to Mono splitter then sending 1&2 to Left and 3&3 to right :wink:

hmm but that sounds like i’ll still be getting 1+2, 3+4 combined, right?

yeah its better than just one signal though :wink:

in all seriousness the L/R outputs is a handy thing because you could pan say channel 1 to L and the rest to right then put the signal from 1 to an effects unit then mix the signals back together in a mixer.

haha yeah, i guess. the question is also what effects unit to get. i’m thinking about the oto biscuit, but interested in thyme too. not sure i can wait till fall, however. any ideas?

for me, the OP1 shines when u smash everything onto a 2-track.

the master compression and drive when everyone is co-mingling and sliding in and out of each others cracks and crevices is a beautiful thing to me. everybodys on the dance floor gettin sweaty ya feel me?

if u really want separate outputs, u can always data transfer the files to your DAW via usb.

I agree that for live purposes, the 2-track out is neat. But for studio work I’d like to not use a DAW and route things interestingly :slight_smile: