i got a trip to ikea planned on friday. the store got FIVE of each products and i planned on getting at least two of each led. this is gonna be my first “black friday” riot ever, in sweden even. i have a bad feeling tbh

I guess this is the surprise:


Just wow!

Anyone here in Canada found the tripod ? The online store says it’s nowhere to be found, maybe it’s not in stock yet in Canada ?

A 3d printable tape deck?

the tape is missing from the download and the included instructions.

i dont think the tape deck looks 3d printed at all

my guess is that it was supposed to be part of the line that never made it

i guess it is called the cassette player tho so :man_shrugging:

I thought they were doing a record player too? Looked on ikea UK and does not seem to be there.

According to @instantjuggler,

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From Insta:

Are the lights also powered via battery if a battery is inserted in the speakers and AC out connected to the lights?

I don’t think so but I will check and get back to you.

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I suppose we are going to see some of the prints on Etsy at eye watering prices for those of us that don’t 3D print.

I’ve found mine really bright for small rooms so stuck some filters over them, much better!

Shame they didn’t do a cycle mode for the animations.


As I thought it didn’t work with the batteries.

thanks for checking.

Hi, I’ve just bought the multi-use LED light. The animations do look cool indeed but it seems they do not follow the beat of the music at all. There is a default speed of each animation, and the behaviour seems to be binary: either moving (sound detected) or still (no sound). I feel a bit disappointed…

That’s not the case with mine , if I turn down the volume , each frame, as it where, moves in time. Although spots only work well at lower volumes with higher frequencies and strong transients.

Other than that they work well.


So my box from IKEA germany arrived last saturday. I am liking the sound, design, modularity and all.

There is one annoying functionality when you hook up several speakers in a chain though:

You always have to turn on each speaker manually, that means in my setup of 10x20 ( normal speaker ) & 30x20 ( unit with subwoofer ) I have to press 3 buttons ( 2 x speakers & 1 x subwoofer ) to fire it up.

The lights on the other hand turn on automatically when receiving power. Strange choice in my opinion by TE and IKEA.

Got two Multilights today. I think they respond to frequencies somewhere in the range of the voice. When im talking, they respond to my voice. So this is quite different to other sound-to-light devices. Most of them respond to bass frequencies.

Also they work very well when only using phone-speakers…

Has someone opened them to check if there’s a possibilty to add an arduino for dmx?

CV Mod with open Spotlight! Easy Hack


I went back to the local IKEA this weekend (almost exactly 30 days after the FREKVENS collection showed up on their shelves), and here are my notes:

Side table: finally saw the floor demo. It is a lot flimsier than I expected. Could not make me buy this.

The tripods were sold out, but they had only a couple of units to start with.

Multi-use LED lights were totally sold out, but several of the LED spotlights remained. The spotlight accessory kits had sold out, but they didn’t start with many units in the first place. There were a handful of the speaker bases.

All of the 10x20 Bluetooth speaker sets were sold out and the floor demo unit was missing. There were dozens of the small 6x10 in stock. The 20x30 Bluetooth speakers had just 4 units left plus one floor demo unit.

All of the silver Tyvek stuff had plenty in stock. These seem to be the least popular items of the whole collection. I understand why–Tyvek costs a lot per square foot but seems cheap. It doesn’t feel like it is worth as much as the sticker price.

There were still some of the 3-piece eating sets in stock as well as the 5-piece serving set and the tiki mugs and cups.

Somehow they sold out of the black blankets (which I did confirm had the tiki face) including the floor demo unit, but there were not too many of these to start.

So, based on my observations from launch to one month later, the most popular units by far were the 10x20 speakers and multi-use LED lights, followed by the 20x30 speaker with subwoofer and LED spotlight. Can’t say much about the popularity of the other items that sold out because they had so few units to start with. We can say for sure that the least popular items are the silver Tyvek products.