TE x Off White

anyone know if this release will be anything other than the orange ob-4? is there a reddit that’s more active than this forum that might know more about this collab?


as much as I love orange, that just is a bit tooo much orange. Two orange rings around the speaker cones, the top plate and handle (on the black edition) might have worked though.

Orange you glad it’s a new OB-4

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Holy ship, the Off White pricing is waaay off …

£1,150 for the OB-4 in Rank-Orange seems almost sensible compared to the new £325 t-shirt and utterly insane £1,410 bomber jacket, that frankly, looks utterly ugly. And that’s before adding uk import tax/VAT!!

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$2,130 bomber jacket sold out faster than the $1,150 OB-4.

guess one person bought it then. Don’t fret though, usual tactics to drive up interest.

virgil is a cultural icon. he gave so much to the world and did more in his short life than most of us would even dare dream doing, let alone putting it all into action. that TE caught his interest because of what they were doing is legendary. all respect to TE for being able to collab with him.

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Although I know nothing about him, watching a bit of that YouTube post I see why he is a talented, respected guy. Not quite sure if he was really that unique in his way of looking at things though. What I do know is that if someone can easily afford to lay down £340 for a (boring) t-shirt just to feel associated to a brand, then frankly, it’s impossible to even fathom that person’s logic.

Fashion is built on fads. And I’m sure that a £1,400 coat with lots of pointless pockets will get to know the inside of the wardrobe pretty well once the novelty buzz wears off, while you eye up the next thing to replace it…Except unlike the synth GAS bug, clothes don’t hold their value very long, even less if its a grass/wine/dirt/life stained pair of baggy trousers.

A childish compassion (but one I found enjoyable to do) is combine some recent new purchases;

£46 Wide Awake Festival sat pass tix 2022 (primal scream, kevin morby, fatoumata diawara!)
£68 Bob Dylan Basement Tapes Complete 6 CD set
£10 Little Simz- sometimes I might be introvert CD
£10 Big Thief- Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You CD
£68 Lou Reed 17 RCA/Astoria CD set
£7.00 Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers kindle book.
£7.00 You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone: The Biography of Nico kindle book
£8.00 The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley docu
£50 food/drink for one week.
£50 petrol :frowning:
£25 Vivienne Westwood ‘profit for death’ Warchild T-shirt

vs 1 x offwhite te-shirt

each to their own but I know what will nourish my soul for a far longer time than a bit of material one would wear in the hope that someone else notices them ‘looking cool’.

It really depends, I have ten year old jeans work much more then I paid for them… I payed like $600 but Balmain didn’t really do much salvage Japanese denim anymore but there most expensive stuff, so now they are worth about a grand… but that might be a rare case. There is a big market for used designer clothes… These seem just stupid though, I don’t think these will be worth much down the line…

why did you sell 'em Kja?
I really don’t have any understanding on ‘designer’ clothes pricing and value structure. Whatever makes whoever happy, right? It’s the cultural shifts of value that I’m really curious about. I’ve always been a low income worker (uk) but I still (hopefully) have an open mind to those you earn more than me. Fair play to all. And if you have grown up thinking that any bit of clothing under £100 is throwaway, then I understand the somewhat twisted logic of that. Punk never happened, right? The whole logic of customising something and doing it yourself flew out the pretentious window when it should have been smashed.

Most of us don’t swank around in expensive clothes ready to be photographed and superficially loved for a second on instagram. There is no scenario in modern life that requires a jacket that can hold an entire cutlery draw of utensils (other than some wild survival challenge, and if thats the case, then, take a case and not a white jacket:). For that we have Go Outdoors.

It’s practically vs. aesthetics. The Playdate. I imagine the blueprint wast given to TE and their notes were “make it yellow and stick a crank on the side”. Yellow ok, but the idea of a crank must have come from some stoned session and not from actually having the device jetting out inside your jeans pocket oh-la!

The instruments we all have now compared to how it was pre-volca is pretty cool, and being inspired, well, there has always been music.

I’ll bet you this though ; play a friend an absolute classic song that they have never heard. And see them experience the buzz you still get off on from that hearing it…loaded in a club, on the works radio, waiting in a bar…Does anyone really care about what clothes that person was wearing on whatvever day?
zero substance / music forever.

I have no idea what you are talking about…

But you can afford electronic instruments… so it is the same thing, some people are into clothes, it is that simple… it is usually not about Instagram, I’m not sure why you think that… do you think having a digitakt instead of a volcasample makes you just a Instagram poster? It is ones of higher quality? Same thing… much more comfortable, well made, long lasting, etc…
I’m not that into clothes, I have some stuff but mostly not focused on that… more synth’s and stuff… but you sound angry about designer clothes… you don’t have to be rich to get them you know? I’m not gonna get into that here though… but it’s is not what you think it is… some show off of course, but not most people…

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you are not wrong Kja, and I’ll put the mood down to one bottle of wine too many.

I don’t earn much money, never have, so buying gear I want always takes a bit of time to save for, and looking around the most expensive thing ive ever bought was theToriaz SP-16, three months wages (3 TE-shirts). It’s actually the one thing I use/adore more than anything.

And I know it’s daft to moan about the ethics of stuff being pricey just because I can’t afford to buy it, but my point was more about losing sight of the value of things. Like you have so much money it no longer has any value.

You yourself recently flagged up the poor quality of the clear plastic op-z case which was, what, £40? The one I bought from Tesco for £1.50 still works great. It’s not always the case of paying more for a quality product.

I don’t think it is daft, and it doesn’t fall on deaf ears… I really agree…
I never earned much either and have worked twenty years as a chef, worked long hours that had torn my health apart. I have never gotten anything for it except slowly increasing dept. I was miserable for a long time because of it… I just happened to get lucky and despite debt, put together a couple thousand during the recession and bought a condo for fifty grand, then flipped it for almost a hundred grand profit that I turned into a house that I have about a quarter mil in equity, then feel in love with a girl that we struggled a long time but she got lucky enough to get a job paying over twice what I make. So I know how you feel looking at people that money is no issue… and not having…
One thing I learned is life is not fair, and I guess I have so much anger about it from hurting so long that now I sometimes act immature and try to put it in people’s face I have money now, just out of anger… I still just hate rich people… I’m sorry about your situation… I know it can be worse then people realize… honestly I don’t even buy stuff anymore, is like now I can and don’t want to, another form of my anger. I found some shoes for $80 I liked and still wouldn’t but them just on principle that my does are fine still I bought a year ago…
Another thing, you would think once you make good money all your problems go away, but we still struggle just as much… it is absolutely crazy but we have so many bills trying to raise kids that even though we are a little above average but not much, we still are far from the rich you would think if you found out what we make… not the 1% fools that run the world and play golf all day… the same people I cook for everyday… Like a slave… Modern slavery… I’m sorry for ranting, I just want you to know I feel you… you have to remember money isn’t crap… so what some new thing… but the things we worked hard for already work great and are a blessing, we don’t really need anything more. I haven’t bought new gear in about a year and that was my 40th and it was “just” a live 2 even though I could have got anything.

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big ta for such a really open and revealing reply, I appreciate that. x

a few thoughts in response.

‘I have never gotten anything for it except slowly increasing dept. I was miserable for a long time because of it… I just happened to get lucky and despite debt, put together a couple thousand during the recession and bought a condo for fifty grand, then flipped it for almost a hundred grand profit that I turned into a house that I have about a quarter mil in equity, then feel in love with a girl that we struggled a long time but she got lucky enough to get a job paying over twice what I make.’

…is the longest and greatest sentence I’ve read for a while! Dead chuffed for you. The life of a chef working there way up is insanely tough, and I’m happy to read you came out of that experience with your soul intact, albeit abused. I tend to laugh at a few YouTubers who love to proclaim themselves a ‘creative’, whilst at the real-world coal-face of doing hands-on creation under the hammer of the sod who’ll steal your toil…well. I’ve never been in the situation of working a job of something that I’m passionate about (hopefully your original love and satisfaction from cooking was liberated from the gloom it became). I’m a driver. Done the same job for 15 years and there has never been one day that I haven’t been happy to go into work…although there have been some woozy Monday mornings! A simple job that I get a very simple wage from. I’ve earned good money in the past (dj/camera shop owner/industrial floor maker) but that’s never changed my perspective on things. I don’t crave for more really, and I’m lucky enough to pay for the things I desire, although that does take a little while sometimes.
I’m not a jealous person, but I do think sometimes how I come across can be seen as that, or, as you put it ‘angry’, which is definitely fair, although annoyed is more apt ha. I think healthy criticism is key in production, to improve things, and not just this utterly fawning adoration that befalls somethings…I personally cherish creative criticism because it challenges my mindset and gets me to see things from another perspective. I’m sure you are the same, the art of creating a dish for no-one else but yourself can’t bring much satisfaction. Who’s gonna wear an expensive bit of clothing only on in the house? ok…maybe some hot bits;)

You know my complaints about TE already. The people who work their are incredible. Beautifully talented in many areas…(stop)…But…have you seen the M8? Of course you have, but have you noticed at how an impossibly small new company can release a beautifully well made, solidly built product that comes in a custom built case and is universally loved? Great ideas and great engineering combined together vs. great ideas in some tossed out disposable shell. Collision Devices is another company who I totally respect for their values, quality control and ace sounding pedals. Learn from your mistakes and improve as you go along. I’m not bitter about buying the op-z, just furious that they haven’t yet fixed the numerous faults that are inherent to the materials. I don’t hate the ‘rich’, I just don’t like seeing folk being ripped off by a company that puts on a cute face. This is not hating, it’s wanting obvious improvements that shouldn’t even be an issue at the price point.

No new gear for a year? That’s pretty much the same for me haha. Gonna buy that Cherry Audio Dreamsynth…and maybe the black ob-4…if only to spray paint just the speaker cones orange. (not read one word of criticism about it yet other than it being bluetooth hungry. Such a fcking hypocrite, ha)

thank you Kja, you warmed up my dull Norfolk day