Ted's project updates

I just wanted to share a couple of updates for some of the projects I started. The Le Strum is on its way, but the Deutsche Post was on strike recently so things are a bit backed up.

I haven’t been able to actually start building the bamboo case yet. With school starting again after the break, things have been super busy and my building time has been taken up by meetings and lessons… oh poop. But I do anticipate getting a little done this weekend. I do have most of the materials except a couple things having to do with the LEDs.

I’ve been trying to come up with some tunes using the NASA stock sounds. Once again, my time is at a premium which is a bit unfortunate… I got the OP1 so I could play around with music but I don’t even have time on my spare time…

Oh, tis the life of a teacher!!! Anyhoo, I hope you all are well and coming up with some great stuff!!!