Teenage Engineering AMA on /r/synthesizers Thurs Feb 2



cool, ask good questions redditers

I hope everyone in the OP-Z thread is going to post their expectations/assumptions paraphrased as a question :slight_smile:

Who wants to play “we’re not disclosing that at this time” the drinking game? Actually no, we’d all likely die of alcohol poisoning ; )

Who wants to play "we're not disclosing that at this time" the drinking game? Actually no, we'd all likely die of alcohol poisoning ; )

I’m hoping to finally get a straight answer about where to buy an OP-1 replacement battery…expecting a similar brushoff.

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I ask the tough questions… with excellent answers! (From reddit AMA):

Me: Seeing as the OP-Z has a MEMS mic… what functionality will be used for this?

TE: The OP-Z has a input track with it’s sequencer track and dedicated effects, and the input track can be further routed into the rest of the OP-Z.


This is the actual AMA: https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/5roodb/hi_were_teenage_engineering_ask_me_anything/

From reddit (not my q)
Hi guys! thanks for the amazing work you all have done over the years, I am huge fan of Op-1 and excited for the Op-z later this year. Are there going to be any plans to eventually integrate the OP-1 into the OP-Z?

teenage_engineering • 1h
No not really, they are two quite different concepts. The OP-1 is based around the linear tape, with added sequencers. The OP-Z is centered around the sequencer and a tracker-like workflow, and the tape track works more as an advanced effect. Kind of like Logic vs. Live.


So not really integrated? I’m a bit bummed by that. However, the OPZ sounds like exactly what I’d like in my setup.

probably depends on what you call integration. Apparently OP-Z will have USB host support and be able to receive Midi from the OP-1. That’s not nothing, though it’s definitely not super tight.