Teenage Engineering M-1 Headphone Review // Who exactly are these geared towards?

I’ve worn a few pairs of headphones in my videos and have gotten BY FAR the most questions / comments about Teenage Engineering’s M-1s- hence this breakdown / review!

The video answers a common question about TE products in general: what makes this product interesting and who are they made for?


I have had these headphones now for quite a while and have found them quite useful and apt to the challenge. They are slightly lacking in certain frequencies, mostly the highs, but overall still have a good sound, a small form factor and the boom mic is fantastic. With the OP-Z, OP-1 Field and the TX-6 all having headset compatibility, it’s the perfect arrangement and the tandem possibly is very handy.

I do wish they came with a travel pouch or case. I’ve used other felt bags that came from other purchases to keep them in.


How do you rate the boom mic quality compared to the onboard mic of the Field - for vocals?


I agree with you on the travel case- that would be ideal.

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IMO the field mic is for sure better.


i commented on your vid on youtube but i’ll paste it here too in case folks don’t make it there:

i’m a big fan of these. for me the m1 is a small practical headphone excellent for phone calls, facetime, and zoom meetings. a lot better than earbuds or ambient laptop mics. i also occasionally use them in a pinch for doodling, sampling etc. surprisingly pretty well built for such a dainty headphone. i’m pretty sure these were a collaboration with aiaia. ← has a similar build design and quality. i’ve used mine daily for around 2 years and haven’t destroyed or lost them yet. i bought an extra pair as a spare just in case i do though, they are that useful to me. i also bought a pair for my 94 yr old grandfather who doesn’t hear very well so that he can use them for facetime ← works well for that. and also had our company purchase pairs for some folks around the office for zoom.


Thanks for adding it here! :slight_smile:

I really enjoy having on ear headphones that are very light weight and foldable, while also sounding and feeling nice. Also the swap-able cable is clutch. I can easily fit them, two of the long coiled cables, and a little bag that has the charge/sync cable, an antenna, and charger into the pouch on a Mimi Antenna case, with a deck saver on the OP-1.


You can use the general purpose colored pencil cases to hold them in, I use my red one I used to use for opz before I got the better opz case.

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I’ve had a pair of these for about a year now and I love them. I have a few different pairs of headphones and I would say all of my other headphones probably sound better especially for producing music. However, I always pick up and use the M-1’s. I’m trying to put my finger on why. I think it’s because they are lightweight and comfortable when wearing for a long time. I willing to trade off the sound quality for comfort.

That being said they don’t sound bad at all just not as good as my other headphones.


they seem like a good halfway option between earplugs and the still ace Sennheiser Hd25’s.

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I like these headphones too. I have a tendency to mix with too much bass and get lost fiddling with small details. These things are bass heavy and not very detailed, so they’re well suited for me. I really enjoy the sound signature for causal listening too, and the comfort is great. The Sony MA-900s are the only headphones I’ve found more comfortable.