Teenage Engineering Mystery IG Post

Any speculations?


I saw they updated their website with the electronic music school info, wasn’t sure if that’s related.

I think it has to do with the rumors about a rumble module.


I thought that a ‘‘rumbling’’ module was just a joke…its real! 79,- bucks and infos to find here:


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It’s ridiculous, but I want it.

I’m interested to see a) how drastically it affects battery life, and b) how the user experience is. I’m willing to suspend judgement for now until I see some reviews rolling.


Can someone ELI5 this module? Is this a subwoofer thing for the OP-Z?

Nope. It turns the OP-Z into a programmable vibrator.


did you test it?

No, I’m afraid it’s a bit too edgy.

And what for? I can get the, very far fetched, scenario where a silent metronome thing could be useful for live performances… but beyond that I’m struggling to see other use cases for a vibrating OP-Z. Any ideas?

the silent metronome is an additional Feature with rumble but the main reason is to simulate acoustic instruments and the characteristic of a soundchamber for instance…the freq response should cover everything from drums to deep bass but I wanna feel that in person or at least someone describing that module in detail with a comparison somehow

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Thanks @JohnnyEgo, that helps! Then this is more of a user experience improvement type of thing, right? As you said, I guess we’ll have to try it out in the flesh to really know how gimmicky or not this is. Looking forward to the first reviews.

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