Teenage Engineering Soundsystem Premiere (video of performance)

TE premiered their Teenage Engineering Soundsystem recently. Some wonderful person posted maybe the entirety (I just started watching) of their concert. I’m hoping we see an instrument on stage clearly labeled "OP-2."


Thanks for sharing this!

oh boys this would be huge!

compared to the sticker pic with zoom message and stuff the op-1 gets in another direction!

after easy playing deep sounds its now time for some easy Visuals and Stuff!!

man iam dying if this is true!!! :slight_smile:

if you watch the video you can see that jesper or the guy with the 80’s no hair style controlling this Video Animation via the Op-1.

this shit gets big!!

I noticed that text in the animation too, but wasn’t sure if it was a genuine suggestion of something to come or just a cheeky reference to the performance visuals.