Teething issues, Ableton live 10, OP-1 (Newb zone)

Hi Yall,

trying to get familiar with using Ableton with OP-1, so far the OP by itself is fairly intuitive, Ive made a few little jams but am struggling to progress to connecting the two properly.
Ive downloaded the remote midi scripts and I can see a signal coming in one of the channels but thats as far as Ive gone. Id like to be able to dump whats recorded on the tape into Ableton and play with it. Can anyone recommend a link or thread for an absolute Newb? I need to learn the rudiments of the Ableton environment using MacOSX and OP-1.
Any tips super appreciated. Thanks, and thankyou OPForums

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I keep my op-1 and ableton life pretty seperate.

  1. I’ll connect op-1 in disk mode, and pull tape files in…

  2. I’ll sometimes use the OP-1 as a sound module, and trigger it with MIDI from ableton.

Thanks ludicrouSpeed🙏🏻

I’ve tried in the past to make it a more connected thing, but in spite of how much I’d imagined it to be amazing, I just have better experience keeping them seperate. The challenge for me is the psychological discipline involved in accepting hardware / software workflows including their limitations, and my own limitations from emergent experience, etc.


Haha, you’re welcome. I’m sure my answer was not what you were hoping for :bowing_man:‍♂

Just echoing what ludicrouSpeed said. I keep the two separate unless pulling in some audio from OP-1. They’re just different work flows for me, different creative paths. I see the beauty of OP-1 enabling me to sit in a park, on a train, or any random place and create. For me, Ableton is “sit at the computer”. Different head space.

Good luck! Cheers and Peace.

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Thanks sjdude & ludicrousSpeed