TE's customer service

When you believe the net, TE’s customer service is from hell. I have a completely other experience!

My OP lab Module for my OPZ started to behave weirdly. sometimes it stopped working, sometimes it worked.

my contact to TE was answered within a few hours, I made a few videos pf the problems, we determined, the op lab module must be broken, I sent it back and got a new one within a few days.

Unfortunately with the same problems.

Meanwhile I had bought a second OPZ, as I was expecting to be without the brain of my setup for weeks, believing all the hate spread around the nat about TE’s turnover.

So the next step was to send in the OPz with the module back to sweden, a week later I receive an email telling me, that the opz is indeed broken and that I receive a new machine, although my OPz is out of warranty for a few months.

Thank You Teenage Engineering! I expected to pay for my repair and was given a treat. Nice!

Now I have to find the best way to sync two OPz in my setup.


So your expensive instrument broke. The manufacture misdiagnosed the problem on the first attempt despite multiple videos made of the problem. Replaced the instrument on the second attempt after what sounds like 2 weeks after first contact.

What your describing is the bare minimum we should expect from any manufacturer.

TEs service is humanized, other places are more robotized. never had any problems with the support or unanswered questions.

be kind


I’ve also never had any bad experiences, I’ve gotten very prompt and helpful advice on issues with my OP-1 and a fully replaced PO-33 when mine was malfunctioning with no questions asked.

It pays to be kind and rational when emailing customer service of any kind, TE is a small company with a LOT of product out in the wild to support. I understand incompletegeek’s comment but i think they are missing the point of the original post, that regardless of the vocal few, TE’s service IS getting better and that is a good thing for everyone.

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i guess most of them are raging like nobody and that leads to a bad communication in general. :heart:

I’ve only had good experiences with their support over email. The first time they even instructed me on how to try to fix a problem on my out of warranty OP-1 by myself without having to ship it. Also they exchanged my OP-Z, no questions asked, until I got a good one.

I sent a support request today and a person got back to me within minutes. Very kind as well!


I also have only good experience with TE support.
Got my opz replaced in very short time

come in…

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