TE's OS update bricked my OP-1 - now they want to replace DSP PCB? Anyone experience this?


I never had a problem with my OP-1 until I installed that last big OS update, then the machine was bricked and wouldn’t boot. After shipping it to their repair center, they want me to pay $120 (among other fees) to replace the DSP board. This seems weird - never had a problem with it even up to the minute before I installed their OS. I remember a bunch of people having problems like this around that time. Anyone have to replace their DSP board?


Some people had to send their OP-1 to TE in order to get the bootloader on the DSP reflashed, but as far as I recall it was not caused by an update, it simply stopped working. You should only need to replace the DSP in case it is fault. I can’t see how an update could cause that. I think you should ask for more details before you agree to that.


Probably coincidence.


Well, I sucked it up and paid the $260 total (I also had a key that had been intermittent for years that had failed shortly before this brick). I hope the OP-1 is good to go for now. Mine is from 2011.