TE's Third Party Repair Centre: SCS Servicecenter-Siedler

Anyone had any dealings with SCS Servicecenter-Siedler? TE have informed me today that I’ll have to use them to fix my OP-Z. Apparently SCS Servicecenter-Siedler will repair faulty OP-Zs that are out of warranty.

Awesome, thanks!
For me it’s literally around the corner.

Well SCS Servicecenter-Siedler have had my OP-Z now since 7th Nov now. I’ll post again when they get back to me with a quote for the replacement of the keyboard membrane.
Lesson learnt? Don’t buy a secondhand OP-Z, as TE won’t honour the warranty.

I wonder if they would’ve honored the warranty if the OP-Z didn’t have so many issues.

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It’s just the standard TE position on secondhand stuff. You can find it stated on their website. I’m guessing it goes back to before the OP-Z.

Well I’ve chased Servicecenter-Siedler as they’ve had my OP-Z for over 3 weeks and I’m kinda missing it :cry:. I got a reply: the keyboard is not available yet, so I´m currently investigating with Teenage Engineering for spare part price and delivery time.
I’ve still got no idea how much this repair is going to cost at the moment.

I hate waiting for stuff… I’m also waiting for the new Nanoloop device on Kickstarter, which is going to be so cool when it’s done.

So the keyboard is a separate part!

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Well, Oliver takes his time on that one…

Any news on this? did they change the whole upper enclosure which includes the keyboard&membrane? price? are you happy now? I hope so! thx :slight_smile:

how much did the repair cost? I have an really bent op-z from early 2019, i have falling encoders and sometimes get those double trigs. I’ve been able to live with it because I love it so much. However I do fear that it wont last forever.

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Sorry for not responding sooner! Okay, if you didn’t see it, this is what happened next: