Testing the Mighty Microcosm on OP1/TR-6S + Microfreak

It sounds good on every single one:

Thanks for posting this.

I have to say though, based on loads of demos/videos, that while i really want to like the Microcosm i just don’t think the effects themselves have a good quality sound to them. They do some interesting things but there’s something about the sonic character that sounds really flat to my ears.

With that said, i’m not a massive fan of pedal demos with synths & electronics in general. I much prefer to hear them on natural/acoustic sounds. Things with more natural dynamics. There’s a Microcosm demo with a harp & that’s the one i like the most.

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I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one- I think that it’s like the lushest pedal of all time. It is tough to tame sometimes but you can def figure that out over time.

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I’ve been watching this demo below & i then realised that i didn’t really like the harsh choppy settings on the Microcosm.

But here it’s demonstrating the fx in a more subtle way. Although i say subtle when in fact the fx are actually more ‘wet’. Anyway, i like what i’m hearing here, so perhaps a little re shuffle of my fx ‘to buy’ list is necessary.

Starting to find loads of demos i like now. It helps listening through my monitors, as opposed to my crap headphones (Of course it f***ing does)

Anyway, if we ever meet, feel free to custard pie me in the face for my initial doubts.

Carry on…

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lolllll. All good