thanks to Dimi3

and to who ever did pull this off!

Thanks for me is having this community back in one place with people in control who care. I thank KrisM, Yoof, and Lymtronics for their help. and TE support!

Yes! Kudos to dimi3, KrisM, Yoof, and Lymtronics. You guys built this site with the look and feel of ohpeeone. I wasn’t much of a regular there (more on EU/Elektronauts), but I certainly read a lot of the helpful threads when I first got my OP-1. It’s my gear of choice when I’m on a plane, train, boat (not automobile, since I’m usually the one driving). This little synth always brigs a smile on my face :slight_smile:

I hope you can somehow mine the previous site since it had sooooo much good info.

Cheers guys, you are pure gold!

oops getting used to the new forum editor…!

Nice job guys. Thanks for tweeting it out too, @spacetravelmadeeasy.

Yay, I’m fully in! Thanks everyone who worked on this new forum!

Thanks guys, good to have a home again!

I had been researching the OP-1 for months and about a week before I
finally took the plunge I found By the time my OP-1
arrived the site had been down. I just want to say thanks to everyone that made this happen! This forum is an awesome resource and you guys have been a
great help.

A side note: It looks like they’ve got a new temp forum going at however, it doesnt look like anyone is using it, oh well.