The Definitive Guide to Trying to Connect Your OP-1 Via USB-MIDI


Yes.Set Green dial on tempo page to Sync.Tape start and sequencers should work.


I used iCM4+


Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. I’m thinking of buying the Kenton usb midi host in the near future.

If you mean this then I think it should work.

Have others used OP-1 as MIDI Slave with success?

I used iCM4+


…there is an alternative to the kenton usb host, didn´t test it, but the manufacturer lists op-1 as a testet device…


Just noticed that the Cerebelusb only does USB MIDI to MIDI DIN Out. For anyone trying to use the OP-1 as the MIDI time host, this would be great. For anyone looking for OP-1 as MIDI Slave of any sort, this won’t work. You couldn’t even use a larger MIDI keyboard to control the OP-1 from this.

Is anyone there has the CerebelUSB ?

Yes I have the cerebelUSB. In fact Im just trying to use the op-1 together with a Boss RC 505 looper (slave). Inbetween I use the midihost. The tempo transmits fine to the looper but Tape "play" does not start the looper. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this happen?


I am having trouble using my beatstep pro as a controller for the op-1 synths. Any help?


^What kind of problem? And can you describe your connection?


Well the beatstep pro has 3 parts. 2 synth parts and 1 drum part. The synths send midi on channels 1 and 2 and the drum part on channel 10. I have the midi out of the beatstep running to a Kenton USB hosts midi in which is connected to the op-1. I am in the op-1 setting with the midi channel 1 selected but when I select the correct synth part and play the pads I don’t get any audio…


I should also mention that the tape starts fine when I press play on the beatstep


That is strange, because if tape sync is working it means that connection is there. Are you sure that BS is sending correct data into correct MIDI channel or it just should be by default? I believe BS can be reprogrammed to send and recieve to any channel by software, or channel can be swiched by pressing CHAN+STEP number. Didn’t you tried to connect BS to your computer with MIDI monitor software to sure that BS settings are correct?


@Azhag Make sure that the Beastep and OP-1 are on the same channel. It sounds like the global control stuff (like start and clock) are getting through. Now you just need to make sure that you are set up for sending the note messages on the correct channel.


If the BeatStep Pro is anything like the BeatStep, you’ll need to fanny about with the notes in its configuration application to get it to play what you expect it to on the OP-1. I had lots of fun (not) with this as I wanted it primarily for sequencing samples or drums rather than playing notes on the synth and it wouldn’t play any drums or samples to start with until I’d used trial and error in the config tool.


Also check your midi channel on OP1.
There us two settings on the midi control page.One for OP1 midi (as a standard synth) and one as a midi controller.Check you not setting the midi controller channel.
From memory,that’s how it seemed.Can’t be more specific sorry.


Hey guys, if i buy the cerebel USB do you have any ideas if i can sync it wit my mpc 2Kxl, really interested about this discussion ! Syncing meaning playing frrom my mpc my op-1 ?


You would have to email the guy specifically, but my understanding is that the CerebelUSB takes a USB MIDI input and turns it into a MIDI DIN output. So you can only go in one direction, say from OP-1 to MIDI DIN. Then you could play and sync your MPC with your OP-1. But it doesn't go the other way. He mentions a MIDI merge while using a USB Hub, but it isn't clear if the USB MIDI signals are sent to all devices, or if he is just funneling every message down to the MIDI DIN output. Meaning, the USB devices don't see each other at all. If you want to sync the OP-1 to the clock generated by the MPC, you will need something else.

But to be sure (since there isn't too much documentation on it), I would ask the creator of CerebelUSB before buying or not buying it.


Thank you so much @gcf (and everyone else) for starting this thread. Two questions I had were already answered above!


I struggle to understand the advantage of the mode Machines host. It costs nearly the same as the Kenton and has less functionality.

Fwiw, the original black ICM had 2x2 midi din in/out.


Hey, I just got my camera connection kit for pad. Now, I would like to play Op-1 with Chordion app. So I put the Chordion in midi mode and wired it to Op-1, but nothing happens when I play Chordion. Does anyone know where do I go wrong?

It's right that this otherwise clever UI is quite confusing when it's about MIDI control...
Proof is I have trouble to remind how to do it without the OP-1 on my desk.

1. Check the MIDI channel : Shift + COM button / OP-1 Mode / Shift + Blue knob
(Note : if you want to use the OP-1 as a controller than it's Controller Mode / Shift + Green knob)

2. Tempo : check that you use "Sync mode" (instead of e.g. beat match)

3. Use the MIDI LFO to control via CC 4 different parameters on the current patch