The Guitarist’s Lounge - OP1s

Thought about creating a special thread for guitarists/bassists using both op1s.

  • What’s your rig? Amp, pedals, axes, etc.
  • What’s your workflow? DI, reamping, mics and amps, etc.
  • What’s your kink? Songwriting, sketching, resampling, etc.

Don’t know if there are many guitar/bass players around here - but I thought it might be cool to have a place to discuss all things op1 X gtrs!


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As per use, lemme kickstart the thread!

Been using many guitars, amps, multifx and modellers so far.
Amp wise, I use a Helix Floor, a DNAfx, a Headrush MX5 and some Vox amps (including the AmPlug series). Clearly, the Helix was way overkill so I sold it (been using it for live use only the past 6 years and recently decided I was done with gigging).
Guitar wise, I’m a Fender guy. Telecaster for guitars, JazzMaster for bass. Got me a Martin folk guitar and an Alhambra classical guitar. And a cheap electro ukulele from Thomann. All these can either go DI or processed in the op1 Field with the right cables.

Depending on the mood and the available guitar (usually the closest one on my stand), I either sketch song ideas (one full take, guitar + vocals captured with a Tula mic) or write about 4 loops (usually a verse, a chorus, a bridge and a final strummed chord) and structure a song around these.
Lately, I’ve been testing the limits of the dual-mono tracks/dual reel workflow. I record both acoustic, mono, hard panned. Same with electric guitars. Same with bass (i usually play live the Jazzmaster on the Left channel of a track and record some synthbass notes on the Right channel). Same hard panned technique for some recorded percussions around the house with the Tula mic in analogue mode.
Then, once my 4 tracks are full, I bounce this to the album, and retransfer this to a new tape. From there, I use the 3 free tracks to overdub vocals and harmonies.
And I end up polishing this in Logic Pro (mostly on Mac, but lately on iPad too).

I think the audio interface and recording capabilities of the op1 Field are, at times, overlooked.
IMO, that’s mostly why an iPad is never gonna be the best alternative to the op1 Field - that and the output jack. Although, granted, both work superbly together.

Only little inconvenient bug : some metallic noise sometimes invites itself on the takes. Still haven’t been able to track the exact reason. I’m suspecting ground loops, specific cables and impedances to be the main culprits here. But it has been cited elsewhere that this might just be a software issue of sorts.

Here goes.

If any guitarist and/or bassist is around here, feel free to share!

I use my Op1-field as a preamp/EQ/compressor for my Strat using the vocoder at 0% wet to then route the audio out the op1field into a Shallow Water, Blooper, Mood Mkii, Meet Maude, & El Capistan V2 then into an SSL2+ interface into Ableton :slight_smile:


Now, that’s some creative thinking.
Love this.
Gotta say, I’m eyeballing these ChaseBliss pedals. Looks like they can create havoc and harness beauty at the same time.
Your setup sounds crazy. Would love to hear what it yields !