The Last Step toward Greatness

Hello users,

This is my first ever post in a forum. I have troubleshooted my problem from the angles of the closest scenarios I could find on this board. I have tried almost everything. I emailed teenage engineering as well, have not heard back from them. It’s been 8 days.

I’m running Logic Pro X with a Focusrite 2i2 and the OP-1. I have set up as many others previously. I want to use the OP-1 as a synth in Logic using its own engines, modifiers, etc.

Strategy A:
OP-1 phones/out -> 3.5-1/4 jack -> line input one 2i2 ->2i2-> usb

Select Audio Track -> input input 1 + 2 -> output output 1 +2 (input monitoring check, record enable check)

turned off usb charging, also tried software instrument with the same inputs outputs

I am getting a signal to come thru and the notes are displayed,; however, there is no quality sound.

Please someone, anyone, this is the last step towards greatness, I need advice.

Also, I can’t load any of my samples from OP-1 into Logic for some reason?

I’m willing to video this issue.

and if you plug headphones into the OP1 you get sound, yes?

when you say 3.5-1/4 jack do you mean converting the stereo minijack to a stereo 1/4 or a dual 2 x 1/4"?

Logic has an external instrument plugin - worth checking your i/o config and audio interface mixer if it has one. I also find that the external instrument plugin isn't too great for recording, so I usually end up with a MIDI track sending stuff out and a regular audio track on which you have to press the "I" button to start input monitoring. Logic also sometimes exhibits a bug in which state it won't let me hear anything until I press record.

Back to your cable though, it you send mono signal to the stereo minijack out, then put that on a stereo 1/4 and feed it into one (1) input only, it would be seeing a TRS input and summing T+invertedR and that basically gives you silence. Hard pan a track and check.

A sandwich of issues, so do work them one by one.

Hi eesn,

Thank you for such quick feedback.

I’m converting stereo minijack to stereo 1/4.

I am aware of the record sound bug. So… to use the sounds out of OP-1 through logic, do I need a MIDI track out as WELL as the audio track? If so, this is news to me. Plus, to use as MIDI, wouldn’t I need my sounds imported through Logic first?

I’m not at home now, but your last comment seems to be the most revealing to me. I’m not sure if I was outputting mono or stereo on OP-1… I’ll check and update once I get home. Is the solution to output as stereo? Or do I need a y-cable to use multiple inputs to my interface?

Forgive me if these are stupid questions. I am new to the music world and am finding the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

@ProteusNM, a Y-cable going into inputs 1 & 2, indeed.