The Oldest Trick In the Book

OK so its not much of a trick, more like a basic function; & yet another reason why the OP1 is so cool.
Before, when I recorded vocals (audio data) over a quantized beat (midi data) I had to nail the timing of the performance on the vocal track, since it wasn’t locked to the midi clock. I could edit out mistakes, but it was hard to keep the natural vibe/cadence in there without a lot of artificial trickery, for the tempo sync etc.
But with the Op1, I can record vocals to the music and then increase the tape speed to make it sound a little tighter. Something so simple and basic, and something they did all the time in the pre-digital world, that the OP1 has resurrected for the user today. Thanks again TE for changing everything!

So endeth the trick.

Do you play back your vocal track a little slower/faster then record via the Ear to a new track?

what @IdkProbly is referring to @TimeRaveler is an audio phenomena where speeding the entire Tape up slightly makes any timing inconsistencies between tracks less noticeable because everything is just that much closer together.