The one-hour challenge

What do you need?

  1. one hour of time
  2. a sufficient portion of blank tape

Sit down, switch on the OP-1 and try to do something in just one hour. After the time’s up, record it and post it here.

No deadline, no winners. Just for fun!

Great idea for a thread @motone !-really like it.
Found it very liberating and just what I need ,although I stretched the rules and was 10mins overtime.
I actually had a sample pre prepared (of my 5year old boy) and done some file swapping in audacity from stereo album to 2 mono tape tracks before starting the clock. I needed all the help I could get, but this is the sort of brief needed for me right now, to get me to work.

Dont expect nice music here, its self indulgent noise tbefare.
This is actually ideal for my Strange music battle entry -but I was late ,tuh.
(I actually only got this op-1 back the day before closing day,returned from a friend and it had the said sample recording for the inspiration.Also no time until now).
So here it is in just over one hour -hope I didn’t bend the rules too much.

(I also jammed the recording to album in my own time- that’s the brief right? Though the temptation to include synth sequencers at same time was high,but felt that wasn’t in the spirit).