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Hi Kingof9x, I had originally researched this and in fact the page format is A4 but designed to allow wire binding. However the demand vs the cost would have made it difficult. Essentially I would have needed to make 300 and sell them all around $20+ to cover cost. Also that excludes shipping. The download response has been great but volumes have shown selling 300 in any format is a tall ask.

When I checked with people the preference was for a multi plaform document. It’s designed in the formal and use of minimal solid colours so that people if they wish can print themselves or just use a tablet or smart phone version.

Sorry for the long answer but I wanted this to be fully explained. Thanks for your feedback and interest though which is always appreciated


I work at a US based publishing company, I have a soft spot for printed books. I really appreciate the long winded response and the work you put into the book. With firmware changes every couple years the digital format really makes sense. I also really appreciate making it printer friendly.

on another note, it’s funny how world book day is celebrated on a different dates in different places.

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Thanx KO9 my first intention is to make sure i put out vakue to the readers. The marketing side was important as i didn’t aim to make a killing financially. In fact the hours spent would be hard to cover. However i wanted it to be professional and fit the people who read. Most asked for multi platform and not tied to iBook, Kindle etc. Some wanted print but only a small %. So graphics are white and light colours. I could go on but wont bore you. Thanks for the support again

Hey there - is there any way of downloading the updated OP-1 Notebook (I bought it at the end of January before #235 update)? I’ve been searching on the site and can’t find a link. I read the FAQ but I assumed that this would be a minor update and not a major rewrite needing it to be bought all over again? Also, any joy as regards an epub or mobi ebook format version? Thanks.

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joshmo, the Kindle / ePub is complicated and i did indeed look into this. I dont see this in the near future. The new ver has a very minor addition which just points out Hi res markets in Tape.

I can elaborate more and offer more precise input if you can PM me your contact details

You’ve got mail

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After 5yrs of waiting I finally bought a lightly used, almost new OP-1.
Got it home, powered it up, started poking around and realised I needed help.
So I bought your book.
Thank you.
It’s great and I appreciate you taking the time to create and publish it.

If you do a rev can I suggest you include examples or a case study for workflow?
I know there are plenty of YT vids on this but there’s something about reading/seeing it in print that works better for me and I know I’m not alone.
An example would be a step by step, linear flowchart of making a basic song.
Start creating a simple beat, using Tape, add bass keys, maybe a sample, etc…
Just a suggestion. Don’t think me ungrateful or trying to make more work for you.


Thanks JammyB, great feedback. I have some ides that may help so ill give some thoughts to this. Cheers.

Just for info i will always try to give update info on here. However maybe follow SynthDawg on twitter where i will also give updates @SynthDawg Cheers

Bought it. Helps me waiting for my Op-1 :wink:

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Thanks for the support i am sure you will findnit useful

Reminder this is the perfect partner to the OP1 and also the Digitakt for the long weekend.

As I’m sure some people know I wrote the Op-1 eNotebook. A labour of love but hard work and effort. There is a Elektron DIgitakt and Analog Four is close to completion. I’m looking at Digitone too. To plan time my question is would a OP-Z eBook be of any use. Lots have asked and commented but just wanted to ask directly and gauge some opinion from those using OP-1 book

Some light reading for those thats interested …

Yes please opz book


For those interested the Analog Four Notebook has joined the Digitakt and of course OP-1 Notebooks. Will see whats next.