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Dear All, Its been a long time since i posted. Workload has been high of late and family life often takes a lead. However there has been a lot of requests for the OP-1 Cookbook to be released in a format to cover more than Apple devices and iBooks. I have removed it from the iBook store.

I have now released (self published as SynthDawg) The OP-1 Notebook, a PDF eBook which is a guide, reference and also in its new format the Notebook style allows your own notes to be added when using it in editable readers such as Goodnotes and Adobe Acrobat. The High Quality PDF also allows it to be used on many more devices, smart phones, iPad, PC, Mac, tablets etc.

I have also incorporated the GO-P1 website as a micro site into the SynthDawg web site as i cant afford to run both seperatley.

So Whats new…

  • Updated to latest firmware revision of the OP-1
  • 130 Pages of content
  • New images and illustrations, New Content and new format
  • eNotebook allows your own notes to be added
  • Pocket Operator Quick Reference Guides included for all PO’s
  • PDF format for wider device support
  • New supporting website and SynthDawg brand created in support
  • maintains the low price - cost of a cup of coffee

As usual rand funds help support the new site, domain, email, merchant fees, etc and the continual development of the book. Please read the FAQ’s and details on the website. I know that PDF risks non purchased circulation but i will run that risk and trust in the community to honour and support with the small payment and charge.

I have lowered the price for the launch with an additional 10% discount with the coupon OP1LAUNCH2018 valid until 6th January 2019.

Please visit the SynthDawg website for further info.

Maybe will add more eNotebooks soon and other stuff if time and cost allows. I very much appreciate your support and hope that you find the book useful and of value.



Bought. Interested to get reading, my OP-1 arrived today and I’m very lost!

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P1505C, i hope you find it helpful. Thanks for the support.

Just downloaded. Excellent guide with a beautiful layout. Many thanks.

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Downloaded! Thanks iceritchie!

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@skip65 said:
Just downloaded. Excellent guide with a beautiful layout. Many thanks.

Thanks Skip65 & mrclean, very much appreciated

I’d not long purchased the op1-cookbook from the apple store. I was impressed by this invaluable resource. Recently saw the book had been updated and was available in pdf format, this makes it much easier to make your own notes, either with a printout or using a tablet device. Can’t thank you enough for making it available as a pdf.

Great idea to go with this format and i hope the folks here encourage everyone to buy it (rather than share it). It’s well worth the price, equivalent to a beer or coffee.

Thanks for adding the graphics for the synth and drum engines, it makes it so much easier to understand what is going on now.

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Thanks Carlstep, I’m pleased the new format as both PDF and that the editable ‘e-notebook’ style is well received. I have had some emails that concur with your own comments so thank you once again. Believe me these take a lot of time and effort so I’m grateful for the support and positive feedback.

Reminder that code OP1LAUNCH2018 discount coupon expires this wk end. The initial sale price will continue for a while.

Purchased. I’d love a version formatted for Kindle (mobi) however - reading PDFs on a Paperwhite is so awful and would be really handy to me.


joshmo, i can look into this. The current format was written bottom up with PDF in mind to cover as many users as possible. Previously iBook format only. However let me check out your request.

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just bought thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks Davidfire521, hope you find it useful

Updated for 235 OS to be honest a minor addition only on hi res markers. Thanks again for the support.

I have the Apple eBook from years ago. Just bought this version too as it is very well done and the price is just a cup of coffee. Nice work.

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Thanks sparky much appreciated

A must read book for every OP1 user, new or old. Highly recommended. Thank you for the great work.


Thanks Dinraum, much appreciated. The feedback so far here and emails, messages etc has been fantastic. I’m so pleased people are benefiting from it.

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Just a reminder that especially as its world book day this is still available. Also if anyone is interested, Digitakt is up next.

I thought that was in April. Do you sell a print version?

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